Friday Night Live @ROMToronto #FNLROM

Posted on May 10, 2013


Because of my friend Diona Joyce a.ka.a TitaFlips, I came to know of Friday Night Live at the ROM.  Opening its 3rd season, ROM open its doors after regular viewing hours to host an event for the late night crowd.  From its usual distinguished and quiet stature, after hours this museum shows another façade that entertains to start a well-anticipated weekend.  Every Friday, my friend Diona would be a vendor catering her best-sellers for the hungry crowd.  Last Friday, I was there to help her dish out Kanto food to a hungry queue.  I never really believed that a crowd could start looking like a regular food event until I had a long line in front of me.  It was good that our booth had a good system to speed up food service as fast as we could.  It wasn’t event 10pm and we were out of food! It was a good baptism of fire and for sure Diona would come back double the amount tonight.

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What was good about finishing off early was that I got to saunter off and enjoyed Jully Black’s concert and try out the food from other vendors of the night. Familiar names were there like HotBunzz and Gourmet Gringos.  It sure did give that good vibe.  I could not help myself and I started dancing on the spot.  What was good was that I was not alone dancing.  Diona was herself in perfect rhythm right beside me.

So if you are free tonight thinking of doing something new, check out this link and see if this is something you want to venture to.  You never know, you might just turn into a regular #FNLROM fan.