Setting the bubbles free with @SodaStream_ca

Posted on May 12, 2013


One of the invitations I attended recently was the launch of SodaStream Kraft Flavours.  Most of my friends would know how attached I am to my cola.  So when I saw what SodaStream was all about, I could not resist checking them out.  SodaStream is essentially a home-soda maker and they have a variety of flavors to make the most common commercial sodas.  To be able to make one at home would surely be treat.

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The SodaStream Kraft Flavours launch was by King St. West and Spadina last Thursday.  I must say the launch was very well-organized, having good directions from the street, to the reception of guests and finally what welcome us when we entered the space.  Aptly decorated with remnants of popular bottled and canned fixes, the party has already started when we walked in.  My EyeCandyTO partner, Abe, came with me and we were both impressed with the space.  The space was a collage of white, cushioned sofas by the living areas, bar height tables and chairs, a candy bar and of course, the drinks bar.   What was most eye-catching were the sparkly light fixtures made with plastic water bottles positioned as a centerpiece of one living area.  To be able to recycle something mundane and convert it to such an artful lighting fixture was awesome to look at. Right on the center of the room was a big plastic bubble containing empty cans and plastic bottles.  It was a clear message of SodaStream’s mission to lessen the waste of individual packaging for popular drinks.

We were randomly approached by servers who brought us a variety of hor d’oeuvres,  Among all of them, I went past seconds and thirds for the tuna tartare.  It has that satisfying sweet and well-seasoned flavor and ended with the crunch of the crustini where it sits.  Seeing the candy bar, I could not resist asking Abe to style me boxes of the candies as they were just too colorful not to be photographed.  As Abe was styling, I was stealing citrusy gummies and popping them to my mouth.  Once done with three boxes, we placed it on the window sill and went crazy shooting it.

When we went to get our drinks, there were three up for the picking.  Three of the Kraft SodaStream flavours were featured: Crystal light Raspberry Lemonade Punch, Country Time Lemonade and KoolAid Grape Tropical Punch.  With each flavor, we got the option to mix it with either vodka or gin.  Throughout the night, I got to try all three and I must say, I still have my predictability.  Since I have always have a bias to something citrusy, my obvious favorite was the Country Time Lemonade that I chose to infuse with gin. I usually don’t drink more than one drink on a meal, but I must say, I had to make a repeat of the Lemonade :)

On my way out, I received a gift bag and to my surprise it was the actual SodaStream machine starter kit.  Seeing that the machine came in different colors at the launch display, I was praying that I get red.  Turning the box all around, I see what I got was white.  No matter it wasn’t my preferred color, the machine was growing on me.  It has this same feeling I get when I open a Mac; minimalistic, contemporary and elegant.  This was sure to be a hit this summer.  I should call my sister to come with her kids and we get to play with it next weekend.

Thanks Tys for the invite to SodaStream’s Kraft Flavours launch.  For a soda lover, this machine would sure come handy.  Here’s looking forward to a bubbly summer! :)