#TOFoodFest 2013

Posted on June 23, 2013


Last year when I received word about TOFoodFest, the date was the same as my departure for a vacation. I still went and checked them out and I regretted that I had to be in a hurry. I remember I promised myself that if there were a second year, I would stay longer. Because of the major success of last year, TOFoodFest came back strong. More vendors, more variety and still very well-organized, this year was a bigger success than last year’s. Check out the slideshow for the highlights of the event. Be sure to watch out next year when they come back. Seeing them today, I am sure there would be a third year :)

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Tidbits from today:
1. Best eats – Gushi‘s chicken wings. Love that balance of crunch, tart and sweetness. All with the richness of chicken wings!
2. Best Thirst Quencher – Today was a scorcher, the temperature felt like about 35 C. I should give Kanto‘s Calamansi Iced Tea and San Pellegrino samplers a tie for this mention as they gave such refreshing cool drinks on this very hot day.
3. Best Table Presentation – Bakin’Bit display of very cute multi-layer cakes. I could have stood there for hours and would not mind. The detail on the cakes were so amazing :)
4. Best Entertainment Value – On-site production of strawberry ice cream using nitrogen by Ice Volcano. It was a sure-ball crowd-drawer as people started converging, gawking at the fuming nitrogen freezing the creamy concoction they mixed. They were generous to give samplers too when we were there. It was so wickedly awesome being able to taste the texture of the strawberry bits in the ice cream.
5. Best new taste – Avocado mayo dip for Dutch Frites fries. It just made it so much more that just creamy mayo. It made so much sense to me. Love it more if they consider to add some tartness to it like a zest of lime, maybe?
6. Best Take Home Item – Cinnamon Peanuts Salty Caramel Popcorn by All Mine Caramel. I saw the caramel popcorn on my first look-see of the vendors of today’s TOFoodFest. I promised the vendors I would come back for it before I left and I did keep that promise. Now, a few hours after the event, I already consumed 1/3 of the pack. It is just wickedly pacifying my need for both sweet and savoury. I would surely keep an eye for this vendor in other food events to come.

To TOFoodFest, thank you once again for inviting me. Congratulations on such a big success of your food event! :)