Aunties And Uncles After Abe’s BreakfastTV Stint – Closed

Posted on June 25, 2013


Today my day started really early.  My EyeCandyTO partner, Abe, landed a cooking demo on CityTV’s Breakfast TV and they wanted him ready in the studio by 6:30am.  To us, it meant that I have to rise by 4:00am (My brain is always slow to start.  I generally have to idle for 30 minutes before I start anything), pick him up by 5:45am, load the car and then go to CityTV by Yonge and Dundas by 6:30am.  The only good thing so early in the morning that the travelling was pretty much uneventful and fast.  But even so, all I got for myself that early was a cup of coffee.  I was too hellbent on getting Abe in the studio on time.  We made it there in time, 15 minutes early !  Pat on the back for me! (To see the Abe’s Breakfast TV demo video and pics, go to this link).

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For when it was all said and done, we left CityTV studio and started cleaning up at Dish.  It was then that I finally paid attention to my tummy.  It was grumbling as I was trying to help Abe return all the props back.  I thought then we deserved a good breakfast after all that commotion so early in the morning.  Doing a quick check on Urbanspoon, I see that we were near Aunties and Uncles.  I have heard about them countless times before.  Now was my chance to try their breakfast fare.

For a Tuesday morning, it was still  literally filled with people.  We had to wait for about 10 minutes for a table.  I imagined on a weekend, this very popular place would be with a long queue.   With good reviews and cheap price for the food they dish out, one would expect it to be a foodie magnet.  As we waited, all their wall decor provided the entertainment.  A retro jumble of paraphernalia from yesteryears peaked my interest.   It was hard to ignore all the miscellany around me.  It was just like walking into an antique novelty store.

Going through their day’s specials and their menu, I decided to have their french toast with a side order of bacon and Abe went for their Banana Oatmeal Pancakes.  It was funny that we both opted for something sugary.  Not that we need more of a high than what we had that moment with the success of Abe’s stint on TV.  I did sneak that side of salty bacon to balance the sweet. We both ordered coffee to go along with our breakfast.  Blessedly they do refills.  At that point, the yawns just kept coming.  The caffeine jolt sure did help.

When the plates arrived, piles of food sure does whet the appetite.  I have three thick french toasts, a side of fruit salad and the bacon and Abe has his own pile of banana oatmeal pancakes.  We swapped one of my french toast with one of his pancakes.  Both was really good and filling but if I have to pick one of the two, I think I would go for Abe’s Banana Oatmeal Pancake.  The natural sweetness of the banana with the luscious layer of pancake was such a good indulgence.  This brunch was a good end to this morning’s craziness.  Another layer of high to the day’s very good start.

Do go to Aunties and Uncles if you have the chance.  Their food was really worth the wait.

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