Simply Yummy

Posted on June 28, 2013


I had time to burn today.  It was very rare that I go further than Dufferin but today I thought I’d hang out at Bloor West Village.  Just a little bit west of High Park were rows and rows of tiny shops of eclectic displays.  I enjoy strolling right here as you see one-of-a-kind shops that would leave an impression.  Today I came here to experience one little shop for the sweet tooth.  Today I swung by Simply Yummy.  This place is just before Windermere on Bloor, tucked inside an old red brick building.  Although Simply Yummy was off the beaten path, it would be too hard to miss the many signs pointing you to the right way towards the sweet treats.  I especially liked the blackboard with antique hardwood trim.  The boards announcing they have fruit-flavoured shaved ice, it should draw the attention of any pedestrian wanting to escape the summer heat.

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Walking towards the center of the building’s courtyard, I located the little shop right away.  The store inside was only for take out orders only.  It wasn’t a real issue as there were ample tables and seating outside.  What was cute was the stacked kiddie plastic patio chairs.  I could already tell that the person who thought of the idea was a mom.  Only moms would have the foresight what a kid with an ice cream cone would need.  Those five minutes of quiet as the little one eats were absolutely priceless.  If  you can make a kid comfortable as they eat, that quiet and calm might extend to about 8 to 10 minutes. Also, when they come out of their quiet time, I saw that being in a courtyard helps.  As the kid goes running around, spending all that burst of energy from the sweet treat they just consumed, it was easy enough to keep track of each kid while sitting comfortably in the shade.

When I walked in the store, a queue was already ahead of me.  I didn’t really mind the wait as I got quite indecisive as I looked at the list.  I knew that I cannot try a bunch as I didn’t want to ruin my appetite for dinner. As I tried to form a decision, another gaggle of kids came into the store.  I retreated in the line further as I know how kids tend to have short patience to wait.  I had about 3 hours to burn anyways. Children with expectant faces lined up in front of the Kawartha Dairy and Greg’s Ice Cream display case.  Definitely endearing was a little boy trying paying for his ice cream and it took all of his reach to hand the $5 bill to one of the crew.

As I waited in line, I spun around  to take in all what was around me.  I noticed that they even have ice cream cakes!  Later on I found out that this ice cream cakes were made with the same ice cream as what they put in the cones.  Apparently, they are the only ones to make ice cream cakes that uses Kawartha Dairy or Greg’s Ice Cream.  That alone would be a reason to buy some.  When I finally had my turn, I opted for something other than ice cream.  I had my heart set for Simply Yummy’s Butterscotch Crepe and a large Big Berry Smoothie.  Normally I would go for something salty but seeing the delight in the faces of the kids enjoying sweet treats, I thought I’d follow their lead.

After securing a table and having a round of pictures, I finally delved in.  Since I don’t normally have sweet desserts (yes, I do  know that I am weird),  I half-expected that I would reach my threshold and just eat half of what I have.  It turns out that the crêpe, even with the butterscotch was not overly sweet after all.  It only has that right highlight to pacify the sweet tooth.  It was sublime sensation on the palette.  It was possible to relish it without suffering through a sugar shock.

The Big Berry Smoothie was of the same quality.  It was literally like eating a fruit salad but rather than chewing, I was slurping.  LOL. The distinctive flavours of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry shone through.  Again, I usually don’t finish smoothies but this one I slurped all the way to the bottom of my large cup.  The natural sweetness of the berries was all that it needed. Definitely a +1 to their no-sugar added policy.

It was definitely a sweet treat to cool down at such a cozy place.  If you plan to enjoy High Park this coming Canada Day weekend, plan for a stroll up BloorWest Village too and stroll all the way to Bloor and Windermere.  You would find Simply Yummy Treats a good pit stop.  Ice cream and sweet desserts always is a must on a holiday weekend. :)

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