#TasteOfJazz @BeachesJazz Festival 2013

Posted on July 26, 2013


Long ago, my friend Valerie introduced me to the Beaches Jazz Festival.  For a late July weekend, bands setup on the street, playing jazz music for pedestrians milling along a closed-off section of Queen St. East.  Along with the lively eclectic mix of music were food stalls from all the local businesses within the area.  Boutiques and shops opened late I milled into, having some favorites that I always checked out. This summer event has always been part of my summer agenda. It was always a perfect way to spend a summer evening in Toronto.

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A few weeks ago, I received an invitation to check out Taste of Jazz by Woodbine Park July 24 – 25.  Because of the festival’s 25th year anniversary, they have these extra venue to give more treats to jazz fans that assembled in Toronto every summer just for this weekend.  The invite said free admission and with about a dozen food trucks and a beer tent, wouldn’t that get you up and going?  It sure made me.  I haven’t been to any Food Truck events for a while and I sure do miss a good grilled cheeser of Gorilla Cheese.  That and to listen to jazz music was indeed a good idea.

When I arrived, I had good luck to find really good parking.  There was no trouble locating the grounds as there were ample signs how to get there.  What surprised me was that the queue in front of Gorilla Cheese was just about 10 people long.  Now, I was supposed to do a media check-in but I know better than to believe that the short line would not go longer for the night.  As I was waiting for my Lumberjack, the line started getting longer.  Good thing I still know my food trucks foodie basics. ;)

As soon as I had food, I located a space to eat my cheeser peacefully, I sat down to get entertained for 3 hours of live music.  There was nothing like enjoying good food, having the warmth of the sun beating on your back and listening to old-school jazz music.  I especially loved the segment where a group of young musicians with saxophones ripped it with 50’s music.  Music from way ahead of my time but I loved the familiar ring to it. The way it sustained couples dancing with abandon in their makeshift dance floor just gets you into the music.  Ah I must admit I was feeling envious of them dancing. :)

As the evening progressed, I saw people walking around with for Hank Daddy’s BBQ’s pulled pork parfait.  It looked too good I had to line for it myself.  This piled indulgence I paired with a cold lemonade.  The pulled pork parfait looked deceptively small but it was a heavyweight in the tummy.  As I was half-way through it, I knew I have to let go the idea of getting a Beaver Tail.  It was a heartbreaking decision not to have dessert but I knew it was pushing it if I get myself one.

There’s still a chance to enjoy more of this festival for the rest of this weekend.  Head off Queen St East by Woodbine, the Beaches neighbourhood for more live street performances.  I heard this Friday would be a perfect sunny day.  It sure would be a good day to enjoy jazz music.  Go and experience a really entertaining Toronto summer night.

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