Grand Electric

Posted on August 2, 2013


While reading an article in NOW Magazine, it surprised me to read that Grand Electric was open for lunch. Three times in the past I have meant to try their food but walked away when the queue meant over an hour waiting outside by the street. I have patience to queue up once it’s a good event but not too much when it is a restaurant. The most I will wait is half an hour for a table. As I was off from teaching, I was able to go for lunch before the lunch hour. I stepped in front of their doors by 11:45am. As expected, I walked in and there was no queue just yet and I grabbed a chair by the bar. Like Super YAY! :)

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As I have said I walked in before noon. Even then, the place was already 80% full. I chose to sit by the bar as most of the tables I wanted were already occupied. The wall decor entertained me for a few minutes. It was not everyday that you see a floating shark juxtaposed with a cow’s head with neon pink eyes on the opposite wall. For a moment I wished that I sat by the red picnic table by the window. Red and me always made sense. I sure did like that sense of whimsy and eclectic interiors of Grand Electric.

I have my mind set on trying two things: The Baja Fish Taco and the Crispy Cauliflower Taco. Countless times people were raving about these two in the reviews that I have read. Taking their word for it, I planned to grab the two and if I find that I have room, I thought to try the Key Lime Pie too. As I waited, I discreetly start taking images of the vibe. It must be a whole lot livelier during dinnertime as it has sustained its popularity consistently as the go-to taco place of Toronto. It was about time that I join the bandwagon.

The tacos came at last and out of curiosity, I tried the Crispy Cauliflower first. If you follow me regularly, you would know I am a shameless carnivore. But I think if the meal was only this Crispy Cauliflower Taco, you would not hear any complaints from me. The texture gave that extra boost to make it exceptional and memorable. I considered nitpicking the pickled jalapeno out but decided against it before my first bite. It was harmony together with the grated cauliflower, cilantro, green onion and its creamy white sauce.  The Baja Fish taco was also quite tasty.  Even if it was breaded and obviously deep-fried, I didn’t taste  greasiness and enjoyed its light breading.   But if I were to choose between the two, I am going vegetarian, believe it or not.  :)

Even with the satisfied fullness after the two tacos,  I had room for the Key Lime Pie.  I have a weakness for tart desserts and seeing people rave about it made me curious.  When it arrived I was embarrassed at how indulgent was its serving of whipped cream.  Towering over the pie, it was taller than the mason jar it was in.  I just knew it was going to be too much.  I dug around the whipped cream and consumed most of the pie.  No question about it that the dessert was exceptional.  But you might consider sharing it with a friend if you choose to try it.

Finally I understand what the raving was all about.  Do swing by and try it.  If you don’t have patience for the lining up, do what I did.  Come early.  It was worth the extra effort to get there before everyone else. :)
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