Andi and a Birthday Smash Cake

Posted on August 24, 2013


Since I have travelled to Singapore this early July, I missed the birthday of one of my favorite little people.  Andi, my godchild turned one last July.  To make up for being away, I agreed to doing a special photoshoot for her.  Lately, smash cakes has taken over first birthday celebrations in Canada.  Google the words and you would find babies with freedom to devour their birthday cake the best way they know how.

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To do the shoot, control freak that I am, I wanted a certain kind of cake that would blend into our chosen set.  Andi’s mom, Tere, wanted to do it, daytime in a park, with Andi sitting in the grass.  That would surely keep me with a palette of tones of green, daylight blue and just because we have one cute baby girl, tones of pink too. Surfing the net, I found myself an easy recipe for a crumbly chocolate cake. Click this link as the cake I ended up with was definitely tasty!  I did cut the sugar half of what the recipe required.  I like my cakes not overly sweet.

My next challenge was how to put the fondant on the cake.  I never have done it before.  I don’t think countless times I have watched Ace of Cakes on FoodTV network would make me an expert.  I even compounded my newbie problem by selecting to place fondant on a tall round cake.  It took me about three times to repeat it before I got it all together.  YouTube helped.  LOL.  There were flaws and there were cracks but I loved every inch of it.

On our way to the park, Andi fell asleep in the car.  Our star took a nap and we had to wait for awhile until she woke up.  Maybe it was a blessing as she was in a good mood for the shoot.  Very well rested and curious, she started dismantling the rose/ribbon topping the moment we sat her on the blanket with the cake.  It was awesome to see the curiosity that played across her cute features.  She tested the texture, she daintily played with the stickiness of her fingers and of course sampled the fondant tentatively.  I wonder what she was thinking.  Should be within the lines of enjoyment as I saw her smile and helped herself  with more cake.  Life simple pleasures surely gave me so much satisfaction. Watching Andi enjoy the cake took all of my tiredness away.

So here is a slideshow of my favorite images from today.  Enjoy Andi’s smash cake celebration!  Happy birthday Andi!