Peruvian Cuisine and Pisco

Posted on September 4, 2013


Last week, my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe Wornovitzky and I were invited to enjoy Peruvian Cuisine. Celebrating a recent recognition to be South America’s Leading Culinary Destination 2013 , OCEX Toronto, Trade Office of Peru in Canada, hosted the affair at Pisco by North York.  I have never have tried Peruvian cuisine before but I anticipated it would be flavours I would be familiar with.  Seeing that Peru have Spanish influences too, I expected to be wowed for the evening.  And I must say now, I was definitely impressed with the depth of flavours that we sampled that night.

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Pisco by North York opened in the spring and I was glad to have discovered it.  When we arrived, the restaurant was set up temporarily with tall tables to let guests mingle for the night.  The party very well-attended and was in full-swing when we walked in.  The center of the celebration was definitely Peru’s pride, Pisco and the amazing cocktail, Pisco Sour.  I believe I have found another cocktail to add to my short list.  I always have a love for tart cocktails and Pisco Sour definitely fits the bill.  That texture of the foam and that depth in flavour I find rather addicting.

As I enjoyed the drink, for a moment I stopped and watched the slideshow of Peru’s tourist destinations.  I have been seriously bitten by the travel bug lately and seeing the images made me want to pack up and just go experience Peru.  I haven’t started yet exploring South America.  Maybe it would be high time that I start looking south when I plan my vacations.

For the night we sampled a variety of Peruvian food to go with the Pisco cocktails.  Trying to decide which one I loved best was a toss-up between the fresh, plump and delightful ceviche or the amazingly sweet and tender octopus with olive sauce.  Both renditions were impressive and I am glad that Pisco is by my neighbourhood.  These two dishes I would definitely recommend and would come back for to enjoy once again.  The food gave me that moment of comfort, the way my heritage normally does.  That in itself was priceless.

Thank you OCEX Toronto and Pisco for a night of Peruvian Cuisine.  I would definitely come back for more. :)

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