The Power of 2 – Toronto vs. Vancouver

Posted on October 8, 2013


All through my school life, I went through countless charity drives as I attended a school ran by Catholic nuns. It was second nature to me then to collect and raise donations for a cause. When we celebrate traditional big occasions, we are often reminded of the people who are not as fortunate. I often would bring a big bag of canned food to give for the cause and clean out the cabinets of forgotten things that no one uses. When I got to Canada, I often one to support fund-raisers from children who peddle me chocolates. On more than one occasion, I just paid for the treat but returned it to the seller to make them earn some more. I am always grateful that I have the ability to share.

This time around I was approached by Public Inc., a group of people who used friendly competition to raise money for Toronto and Vancouver’s food banks. This organization has made it a competition, to let people prove which city is more generous, whether it’s Toronto or Vancouver? The Power of 2 lets the netizens do a race on who better supports their city’s food bank drives.  It’s a win-win kind of challenge as both cities food banks would receive the raised monies of this fundraiser. But of course I endorse for you, my readers, to give to Toronto’s Daily Food Bank. Click on this link to do so.  I have a love for this city and it would be good if we can share this Thanksgiving season in a really meaningful way. Please visit their site, The Power of 2, to make your donations. This competition has already started 7th of October and would be closing by 21st of October.

And speaking of 21st of October, the closest to me know that is a special day where I see so many of my good friends and I get a royal treatment. Instead of multiple dinners to celebrate my birthday, let’s just put the money for this cause for Toronto. I wouldn’t mind as I already received a really early and big birthday gift. I would be grateful if that is how we celebrate my birthday. :)

To see the official website, again, please go to this link.
Check out this Power of 2 – Press Release FINAL – Toronto vs Vancouver to get in the know!
Watch the following videos and support Toronto’s Daily Food Bank!