Happy (Early) Thanksgiving 2013!

Posted on October 10, 2013


Just as almost everyone would be rushing to prepare for Thanksgiving in the next few days, I had mine last weekend.  I decided to spend this long weekend on a road trip to Baltimore and since I didn’t want missing out on Thanksgiving, I have moved it one week early.  I always believed that we have to make time for traditions and it gives me so much pleasure to build on the memories as I move on.

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This year is almost three quarters through and I have a lot to be grateful for.  This journey of reinventing myself are filled with up and downs that I never forget the people who gets me through for every crossroad I find myself taking.  So I planned a dinner yet again to show my gratitude.  I spent the day whistling away, not minding I was on my feet all day.  Time just passed me by.  Check out my menu for that night:

– Yet of course, there is Turkey, stuffed and rubbed with rosemary, garlic, onion, sage and extra virgin olive oil paste!

– My Grandfather’s ever the crowd-pleaser Pork Hamonado

– Stuffing made of rye bread, sausage, celery, sage and rosemary

– Roasted butternut squash drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sage and rosemary

– Pumpkin soup garnished with cranberry, sweet potato and beet crisps and sage fried in brown butter

– My first attempt at corn bread

I could really count on my family for healthy appetites as there was not too many left-overs.  Seeing them enjoy the food was my reward for all the toiling I did for the day.

As it was the same weekend for Nuit Blanche, I pushed the envelope and still spent a few hours gawking on art installations.  I must apologize for my lack of images as not all I have taken are worth placing here.  LOL.  After two hours of walking around Toronto City Hall and Queen St. West, I found myself start to crash and I was walking on empty.  My sister and I stopped for good Ethiopian coffee at Nunu and that gave me a burst of energy, enough for me to go another more hour.  The sweet waft of incense woke me up and the good coffee gave me my second wind. I think I would always inject a stop at Nunu each time I walk the night of Nuit Blanche.  Such good coffee would make you last longer through the night.  As we walked, I made a stop at  Kanto and filled myself with Diona’s warm noodle soup we called Chicken Mami.  It gave a satisfying warmth in my tummy, comforting and giving me energy as the night got chillier. That last stretch of energy we spent at Art Gallery of Ontario and it was all the art that I could enjoy.  If I pushed it any further, I swear my feet would disconnect itself from me and walk away without me.  LOL.  Do check out the major installations of Nuit Blanche.  The major ones are still up and running on display downtown until 14th of October.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and my heartfelt gratitude to all of you reading my musings. This blog would not be able to grow without you!   :)
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