Bangkok Garden

Posted on November 10, 2013


Last Thursday was Bangkok Garden’s launch of their newly renovated bar and lounge. I first came across this restaurant last December when I was invited to attend Yonge St. BIA’s December festivities. Bangkok Garden is neatly tucked by Yonge and Elm St., away from the throngs of pedestrians that always fill the sidewalk of Yonge. It was a welcome break and could easily give you that second wind.

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Embarassingly so, Jojo and I walked in half an hour late. The room was already filled with guests for the launch. Deceptively small from the outside, it was a surprise to see what lies after the bar. Tall ceilings, a bridge with a water feature, a sunken centre and a second level that hugs around the walls of the room, it can indeed hold in a big crowd without feeling congested. The red walls complemented the black granite tables and Asian themed decor. We were just in time to listen to the host thanking all the guests for coming and inviting everyone to enjoy more food and exotic martinis that were circulating around the restaurant.

Looking around, I saw several stations where people lined up. Two were close to my vicinity, the Pad Thai station and the Soup Station. I opted to line up for soup as I was still frozen cold from the blistering breeze while walking to the restaurant. My friend Jojo, lined up for the Pad Thai while I waited my turn for the soup. There were so many components of the soup and when asked what I wanted, I just said, “Everything on it”. The soup was definitely what I needed as the spicy clear broth warmed me up from the inside out. Clean and crisp, the flavours were spot on. Even its spiciness did not mask the freshness of the vegetables and the comfort of slivers of chicken. It was my most favorite treat of the night.

We also enjoyed fresh spring rolls, chicken peanuts satay, breaded shrimp and exotic martinis. As we were indulging, we shared a table with two of Bangkok Garden’s regular patrons. It all explained the foodie crowd that I did not recognize. Such good service to also give appreciation for the loyal customers that has grown with them for the last 30 years.

Thank you for the experience of very good Thai cuisine, Bangkok Garden. Congratulations for a well-attended launch of your new menu. :)
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