I Sharpened My Skills with CUTCO

Posted on November 10, 2013


Through following one of my favorite foodies, Alexa Clark, I got in CUTCO‘s Sharpen Your Knife Skills event last Wednesday.  Set-up in a classroom-setting, the affair was brimming with foodies eager to learn proper and practical techniques of how to use and care of knives.  While I am a big fan of cooking and fussing in the kitchen, I must admit that my knife skills is where I am most amateur.  I often compare myself with my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe Wornovitzky and I see I have miles and miles to run before I can go side-by-side with his expert grip of the knife.  You could say that I was giddy with anticipation for the event.

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Throughout the night, we were slicing and dicing different types of food, using different knives.  With the CUTCO team, we started chopping up kale that later turned out to be tossed with slivers of orange wedges and pumpkin seeds.   We also saw a demonstration of the proper way of making chicken wing lollipops and how to julienne carrots.  I was a little bit intimidated how to peel a potato with a knife to make a consistent shape and size.  While I do regularly peel potatoes, I seem to be doing the reverse of it.  LOL.  Being left-handed, through the years I tend to make my own style of almost everything I do.  As I was struggling to make a right-handed instruction work with my wily-left-handed ways, Alexa came by and patiently showed me how to grip and slide the blade through.  I think I need more potatoes to practice it on.  LOL.

Through the night, there were also demonstrations by  Chef Neil Noseworthy of how to properly filet a fish, how to trim the fat off a beef tenderloin and how to carve a roasted chicken.  It was good to see it executed and hear the explanations.  I am surely filing it away in long-term memory next time I am faced with a roasted turkey.  Through the night we were pampered with food from Tasteworthy Cuisine and wine from Earth and Sky. I didn’t even realize two hours have passed as it just flew right by me.

Thank you Alexa for hosting such an enjoyable event. That was such a fun and memorable foodie event.   I’d sure be peeling more potatoes soon!  :)