Christmas at San Remo Bakery

Posted on December 10, 2013


Last Sunday I was invited to experience a December morning at San Remo Bakery. I have always loved this bakery and constantly come back for their bread (the sundried baguette is so amazing!). To be invited for a Christmas goodies preview was too hard to resist.

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Around 11am, my EyeCandyTO partner, Abe and I walked into a bustling restaurant/bakery/grocery/cafe. There was never a time that I was at the premises that it wasn’t as busy as that Sunday. It sort of reminds me of that near-panic-yet-totally-wanted-Christmas chaos that we have back home in Manila. It certainly part of the fun of the Christmas season.

Finding my contact, Karolina, we were given more than a 25-cent tour of the premises. Gingerbread houses, panetonne, cannoli, cheesecakes, meatball sandwiches, porchetta and veggie paninis, I was bewildered what to pay attention first. But that kind of dilemma I don’t mind having.

If you ever intend to give food as a Christmas gift, I recommend you check them out as they have something for everyone. Take note of the lone picture of the panetonne Pandoro Verdi brand. I am told it’s best to dunk it on coffee. But if you are more of a chocoholic, they carry the Baci panetonne too!

Before you start raising your eyebrow that all I ate that day were for the sweet tooth, I actually had a greek salad and a quinoa salad too. That came with a porchetta sampler, veggie panini and a meatball yumminess. I was so glad that Abe was with me. I would have sunk into a food coma if I were alone.

When we finished our lunch, what came with the latte were a plat e of Christmas cookies, choco almond ones, chocolate mousse, cannoli and berry cheesecake. Abe and I actually agree on our top dessert. Hands down it was the cheesecake that I kept on eating.

After all that indulgence, I turned our table to an impromptu shoot for the Gingerbread house. Apparently, they are sold fast enough everyday. I just love to hear how there are so many people who do so much for the Christmas season. It gives you that light feeling and a whole lot of Christmas spirit. I have always been that person that feels so giddy like a kid on Christmas day. And I must say that being at San Remo Bakery really set that tone. Consider swinging by their bakery this holiday season. Once you get there, you would understand what I have just written. ;)

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