Toronto Christmas Market at the Distillery

Posted on December 14, 2013


Back in Manila we really go crazy for this season.  From the early signs of Christmas decorations (and I mean early!), to the Christmas carols that waft through the air as dusk sets in, there is no missing that Christmas will be an eventuality.  When I came to Canada, one of the things that I miss was singing and listening to Christmas carols.  I do hear it from the radio and I do go to Christmas concerts, but it still does not translate to that satisfaction of hearing a crowd sing their heart out.  When I heard that there were real carolers by the Distillery District’s Toronto Christmas market, I could not resist checking them out.  So last week, one frigid afternoon, I went to the Distillery District just to watch Christmas carolers sing.

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When I arrived, as expected, it was full of people.  If you want to check them out this weekend, I would suggest you be patient with the parking and the slow traffic.  It was all definitely worth it when I found myself one and found myself milling through the vibe of Toronto’s Christmas Market.   If you go by its south side, you would be greeted with a  ferris wheel and a merry-go-round spinning grinning kids round and round.  One has to wonder how cold it must be up at the top of the ferris wheel but it doesn’t seem to deter kids from wanting a ride.  As you walk further, you would see the main stage where there are performances every hour, from story tellers to of course, the Christmas carolers, the area has a lot of chairs where you can take a few moments listening to Christmas stories or Christmas songs.  If you traverse the alleyways, you would find a host of stalls of different treats and potential gifts.  Most of the things you would come across are quite unique and charming, milling through them slowly was quite relaxing.  And of course there was no shortage of yummy food, from hot choco and churros, to grilled sausages and the quintessential  poutine, there were a lot of choices to go around.

If you find you have a free day tomorrow, it will be the Toronto Christmas Market’s last day.   Try to see it as it would definitely get you into the Christmas spirit.  Click here for a link to the events for tomorrow.  Have fun through the bustle and holiday spirit at the Toronto’s Christmas Market!