P&L Burger – Permanently closed

Posted on December 29, 2013


Scouting the location of my future exhibition space for CONTACT 2014, I found myself at Queen St. West on afternoon. I am still yet to firm up dates and agreements about the show but I would be sure to feature it here when I get things ironed out. As I was already there, I swung by P&L Burger about a few blocks going west. After such a long day, I thought I could have a good burger to finish it off. burger joint going west from Spadina and Queen St. West intersection, I have read good reviews about it.

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As I came close to P&L Burger, I came to realize that the spot was the old White Squirrel. A pity that they had to close as I have enjoyed their food too. The setup was the same, a long bar-like bar and stools as you walk in, an ordering counter at the middle and another counter to pick-up your order that gives you a peek into the kitchens.

As I stood by their ordering counter, I flipped back and forth what I was going to have for the night. Their combinations made me so indecisive. If only I could try two or three burgers without looking like a glutton. LOL. I finally settled with The Castor, a burger topped with a pea meal bacon, tomato, lettuce, crispy onions and tangy BBQ sauce with a side of fries.

It didn’t take too long and I had the burger in front of me. Definitely an impressive tower of juicy goodness. Everything about that burger made sense to me. A good balance of salty, sweet and tangy, all rolled into one. I didn’t need any condiment to make it better. I quite enjoyed its juiciness as it blended with all the layers of flavors. It would definitely be one of the burgers I would come back for.

As I finished my burger, I finally took notice of P&L’s wall of scribbles. If you want to leave your mark, there are pens by the ordering counter and you can draw your masterpiece. It would sure be interesting when the wall would fill up.

So now I add one more go-to place to my ever-growing list of burger places to go to. This definitely has to be in that list. That was a really good burger. :)

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