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Chelo & Co. – Permanently closed

November 25, 2015


About two weeks ago, I was on my way to another food event. The food event being the media opening of a bar, I expected that it would be more drinking than eating. I have learned to have a snack before showing up to the event. Being in the Queen West area, I didn’t have […]

P & L Burger – Permanently closed

June 1, 2014


Two weeks ago I had one of those very long days.  Waking up at half past 4 in the morning and still on my feet at 9 that night, I felt my knees wanting to buckle under my weight.  I dragged my feet as I packed my camera bag and lugged my equipment to the […]

P&L Burger – Permanently closed

December 29, 2013


Scouting the location of my future exhibition space for CONTACT 2014, I found myself at Queen St. West on afternoon. I am still yet to firm up dates and agreements about the show but I would be sure to feature it here when I get things ironed out. As I was already there, I swung […]

Touhenboku Ramen

December 7, 2013


Sometimes there are those days wherein you have a dire need to rant and it is always good that I have a good friend who I know who would listen. Wednesday was such a day. Both my friend Jojo and I have things to unload of stresses from work and from our day-to-day. We were […]

Carmen – Permanently closed

November 14, 2013


With me running around, trying to set up things for my upcoming exhibition, Catalonia Castellers, I have pangs of homesickness for Barcelona now and then.  There are a lot of things I love about Barcelona and of course that includes its food.  Last Wednesday was one day where the craving was bad.  Lately, there have […]

A-OK Foods – Permanently closed

August 4, 2013


Last Wednesday night I absent-mindedly forgot to turn off the headlights of my car as I waited for a friend ran an errand. Pouring rain made the night cold and helplessly wet, draining the battery when I stupidly left the headlights on. The supposedly quick errand became almost an hour wait for CAA. Sitting in […]

Grand Electric

August 2, 2013


While reading an article in NOW Magazine, it surprised me to read that Grand Electric was open for lunch. Three times in the past I have meant to try their food but walked away when the queue meant over an hour waiting outside by the street. I have patience to queue up once it’s a […]

White Squirrel

June 23, 2013


One of my guilty pleasures was to constantly snack.  I grew up snacking as street food was so available and cheap in the streets of Manila.  It was one of the things I miss when I moved to Toronto.  But it seems to me that Toronto is finally catching up to that way of eating.  […]


June 15, 2013


Most rainy days, I would love to curl up on my bed, watching the mesmerizing rain by my window. Last Thursday, the rain pitter-pattered but I still went out for the night. I don’t think I would pass up the opportunity to learn more about wines. Mavrik Wine Bar sent me an invitation to try […]

Electric Mud BBQ – Permanently closed

May 31, 2013


What was a big deal in Toronto was the first day when it would hit 30°C. Yesterday was such a day. Just a tad away at 28°C, the humidity factored in, it sure felt like summer. What was also true was that it rained heavily during the early morning hours. So even when the temperature […]