Café Boulud, Winterlicious 2014

Posted on February 7, 2014


Winterlicious is on us once again. Very high on my list of Winterlicious must-go is Café Boulud at Yorkville. Café Boulud has lived up to high expectations since it opened back in late 2012. I finally got the chance to enjoy dining at this restaurant as  I actually found a slot in their busy reservation timetable that worked for me, my friends Diona (a.k.a. TitaFlips), Trevor and Deanna.

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From the tall entry door, I can see that I was underdressed for the restaurant.  I am usually out on casual dress pants and standard shirt and cardigan.  For a moment I felt guilty as I had time to change but I opted not to.  I wish I dressed up a bit to match the people who milled around me at the bar by the first floor.  I have to make a note to myself not to take this for granted the second time around.  I do intend to come back and Daniel Boulud’s food is the reason.

As soon as I informed them of our reservation, we were guided to go to the second floor to get to the restaurant.  The service at the reception area was friendly and swift.  This impeccable service continued on as we were led to a table close to the window.  The restaurant have a distinct flair for the whimsy that came in the contemporary pieces of art work that hanged on its dividing walls.   Banquet seating lined the length of the restaurant and since the restaurant/bar was of a loft design, the sounds of the music from the bar/lounge spilled into the restaurant at a comfortable volume.

Looking at their Winterlicious menu, it was the standard three choices for each course: three for appetizers, three for entrée, three for desserts.  As there were four of us dining, we practically ordered all of their Winterlicious offerings.  There was moment that I wished they had placed their scallops entrée on the Winterlicious menu.  It sure did look scrumptious just by its description.  What they have for Winterlicious were Venison Pâté , Seared Albacore Tuna  and Smoked Haddock Chowder for starters; Celeriac Agnolotti, Grilled Mackerel, Braised Lamb for mains and Caramelized Pear Sundae, Coffee & Cardamom Sundae and Chocolate Gateaux to finish the meal.

All that was placed in our table came with a decadence that could only come from a fine dining French restaurant.  Each were plated with meticulous detail and refinement.  I was almost shy about  my need to photograph every photogenic plate.  I didn’t wish to disrupt that ambience of finesse. But my blog cannot be devoid of pictures so I took pictures as discreetly as I could.

My choices for the night was the Albacore Tuna, the Grilled Mackerel and the Coffee and Cardamom Sundae.  As I said before, since there were four of us, we got all the choices covered.  While everything would easily get me raving, I must say my favorites were the Albacore Tuna, the Celeriac Agnolotti and the Coffee & Cardamom Sundae.  The Albacore Tuna was light and fresh with hints of citrus with each perfect bite.  The Celeriac Agnolotti was dreamy, the brown butter smoothly dancing its way to my heart.  As for the Coffee and Cardamom sundae, it was just like freezing really refined Turkish coffee and making it a dessert.  What’s not to love?

Of all the Winterlicious dinners that I have gone through all these years, I believe this was the most distinctive and delightful.  I just know I have to come back once again soon. It would surely be a treat to be pampered like that once again.
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