Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings

Posted on February 25, 2014


I have the same mechanic ever since I got to Canada. He’s the primary reason I always drive a Honda. He has given me exceptional service all these years, I would follow him around wherever he goes.  These days, his autoshop is up north at Markham, just east of Bullock Drive and Mc Cowan Rd.   Each time I have to bring my car to him, I kill time at Markville mall, mostly window shopping. This recent trip last week, I found a gem of a find. I found me really good BBQ!

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Just a little past Loblaws was Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings. They have opened last April but I never noticed the restaurant as I was always in a hurry to get to my mechanic. This recent visit, I had more time as my mechanic finished earlier than I thought. After picking up the car, I found my tummy growling as it was more than an hour past noon.

Walking in, it was fairly decent size of a restaurant with a cluster of tables on the left, an ordering counter at the far end and a kitchen that allows patrons to see the backdoor action. There was a moment in that time I was ordering my food that they had the ovens open and I saw racks of meat deliciously beckoning me. Add to that was one of the cooks tending to a tray of freshly baked corn bread.  Yes, that view definitely got me hungry.

They have a long list of a menu hanging by the wall that separates the counter from the kitchen. From the reviews that I read, I saw that their chicken wings were popular too. But at that time, I was craving ribs. They have their ribs Memphis style, exactly the way I enjoy it, deep in flavour, tender and smoky.

What was really striking to me were the prices in the menu. I find it almost hard to comprehend how much food I would be getting for the money I was about to pay. I chose the smallest portion and was astounded when the server placed a plate that I could easily share comfortably with a second person.  With the plate came the ribs, a side of baked beans, coleslaw, crispy fries and generous slice of corn bread.

The ribs did not disappoint as it was tender, moist, well-seasoned and the smoky aroma just makes you want to eat it faster. I could not get enough of the baked beans and I literally cleaned out the small bowl. I wish I had more. LOL. But with my bountiful mound of fries, big meaty ribs, the serving was more than I can handle. I practically packed half of the food for me to take home.

For sure this would not be the last and only meal I would have at Big Bone BBQ and Wicked Wings. I think I’ll swing by them when I see my favorite mechanic and try those chicken wings.
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