@LamesaTO Media Tasting Night #PassThePata

Posted on March 18, 2014


Last Monday, I was invited at Lamesa for a media preview of their new look, new menu and their new bar. As I walked up Queen St. West, close to Bathurst, I see the new signage. I do prefer this logo design from the old one. Although it has an understated clean contemporary lines, it has a prominence that would catch your eye. Yep, I do like the new logo.

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Finally getting myself inside, the restaurant have a mesh of old and new elements from the last time I was there. Gone was the white bar with a big TV screen, this time, it was replaced by a new bar with a dimmer tone to contrast the white walls. There was also a big communal table by the door which a lot of us foodies gravitated to. It was the table with the most ample light. Better blogging opportunities! And of course, it was a plus to be able to spend time with bloggers like me. The conversations too of what restaurants to watch out for and stay away from was priceless.

During the course of the night, I found it sort of funny how I got to be the person who explained what Filipino cooking was at my table.  It definitely was something I did not expect.  I am used to often be the one asking all the questions.  I do love my fellow bloggers curiosity about every item and when I try to tell them what each component was in more detail,  I started to come more and more into my element.  I guess I just was taken aback about being the center of attention.  LOL.

For the night we had a treat of trying out Lamesa’s new menu food items and cocktails. Here is the complete list of what we have enjoyed from Chef Rudy Boquila and Les Sabilano.

  • Lolo Cool J – bourbon, ginger, pineapple and cinnamon syrup, lemon juice and ginger ale
  • The Shand Miguel – San Miguel Beer and calamansi juice
  • Tita Baby – Mangu juice, Malibu Rhum and Baileys (My favorite!)
  • Crispy Pata – Deep fried pork trotter with pickles and three housemade dipping sauces
  • French Toast Turon – Egg dipped bread with sweet plantain and jackfruit wrapped in spring roll served with coconut whip
  • Pork and Pancakes – Sarsi braised pork with corn and coconut pancakes and jackfruit syrup
  • Lumpia – Ground pork sprng rolls served with housemade banana ketchup
  • Arroz Caldo – Rice porridge, chicken chicharon, crispy kale and fried garlic
  • Bicol Express Fries – Pork, coconut milk, chilies and bagoong over housemade fries
  • Fried Chicken Adobo – Crispy fried chicken with garlic puree, pickled chayote and an adobo gastrique
  • Ginataan Gulay – Roasted squash, beans, greens, eggplant with a coconut cream sauce

Of all I have tasted, if I were to pick a top three, first choice would be definitely the Bicol Express Fries.  I have a love for the marriage of shrimpy bagoong and coconut milk.  Definitely a flashback from my childhood.  That with the swift heat from the chilies and the sweetness of the fresh french fries makes this a solid fusion dish.  Just because I love anything pork and anything fried, second perfect execution is the Crispy Pata with the three dipping sauces. Oh yes!  Definitely #passthepata please!  I was particularly happy about being able to find my own favorite simple dip of Filipino soy sauce and vinegar.  That is always one Filipino habit I can never do away with.  Last choice goes to a drink that caught me by surprise.  The Tita Baby cocktail was a good blend of sweet and creamy.  I thought I was going to be overwhelmed with sweetness but the the dried mango garnish gave that note of tartness to break the monotony of the rich creamy taste of Baileys.

Thank you once again for the invitation to try contemporary Filipino dishes.  Thank you for your food and bringing our heritage in the forefront with Torontonians.  That in itself is priceless.

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