The Citizen

Posted on March 22, 2014


Last Tuesday, I was invited to the media tasting of The Citizen. I almost did not make it as I had a long road trip to Washington DC the weekend before (That would be for another blog post). I was glad I found one more burst of energy to get there as the food was definitely impressive.

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I was unabashedly late and when I arrived they have finished with the appetizers popcorn shrimp, jalapeño popper croquettes and root vegetables salad. It was a miss I know but I didn’t have time to contemplate about missing out as I was too enthralled of how big the space was. With high ceilings, deep and handsome tufted sofas for lounging, the restaurant exudes a relaxed sophistication. I loved the detail of lining the windows with amber bottles as it adds to the whimsy of the shadows that draws a quiet elegance to the place. While there is music in the background, I appreciated that it was not loud enough to mute a conversation. It was definitely a place to hang out and have a drink or two in comfort.

I came there in time for main dishes. I think I would have kicked myself if I missed out what came out of The Citizen’s kitchen.Here are the items we have enjoyed for the night:

Fried Chicken – buttermilk soaked and corn meal crusted chicken thighs, crispy chicken skin, chicken liver with sweet potato mash, coleslaw and jalapeño biscuit
Pork Belly – Slow braised pork belly with crusty smoked mac n’ cheese with brocoli purée and pickled chilis
Braised Brisket – Braised beef with mashed potatoes, kale and horseradish crème fraîche
Warm Butternut Squash Salad – Smoked blue haze cheese, oyster mushroom, crispy kale and poached kale with pear vinaigrette
Chocolate Chip cookies + milk for dessert

All the dishes were definitely elevated comfort food. A certain little detail upped the pleasure of tasting refined versions of the dishes I love. Take the fried chicken for example, the care and the skill of keeping the skin crisp without the greasiness was very much appreciated. The braised brisket was tender and deep in flavor that went well with the creamy mashed potatoes. What took me by surprise was the Warm Butternut Squash salad as I really enjoyed the different textures and flavors of this vegetarian dish. For a carnivore like me, that is saying a lot that I gush over a vegetarian option. LOL.

To Chef Amanda Walti, thank you for the invitation to try your food! It was definitely a memorable dinner. Congratulations for a successful opening of The Citizen!

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