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Posted on March 29, 2014


Last Thursday I was invited to witness another milestone that might change we pay for day-to-day things.  Positioning itself as an alternative to carrying a wallet, PayPal has now introduced in Canada the ability to pay for a restaurant bill using the PayPal App.  Across Toronto, 50 restaurants have already gone on board the payment system.

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Free to download, the smartapp is available for IOS, Android and Windows smartphones.  Majority of the 50 restaurants piloting this payment systems is scattered in the Entertainment District by King St. West and continues on to Queen St. West all the way to Ossington.  For the night, we were at Boehmer by Ossington.  Boehmer was said to be one of the pioneers for this idea and if you find yourself within the vicinity this weekend, go and give it a try.  Watch Chef Boehmer talk about PayPal here.

The smartapp is said to pinpoint which establishments have this payment option and it also can be enabled to switch to other modes of payments (by ATM or by Credit Card) that can be pre-setup within the app.  Added bonus too is it keeps promotions from participating establishments visible and makes it available for you to use at the time of payment.

It seems seamless all around.  I recall the first time I considered using an ATM card and I have my misgivings about security but now I hardly carry any cash and use ATM almost each chance I get.  This just might be the next wave.  If you want to check it out, click on this link to download the app and give it a whirl.
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