Dexter’s Toronto Food Trips

Posted on March 25, 2014


When family visits me in Toronto, my tours seem to always revolve around food. Continuing on with my favorite cousin’s food trippins’, Dexter and I have eaten non-stop since he arrived. LOL. He has visited me several times already so all conventional tourist spots are out of our list to visit. That is why most of where I brought him are food trips.

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It was late when we came back from Washington DC. It was one of those times that I am thankful that I live by Yonge and Finch where restaurants that are open beyond 11pm are a dime a dozen. We tried a newly opened Japanese Restaurant Hamaru Sushi and after devouring a steaming bowl of udon and tempura, I swear it gave me that second wind I so needed after an 11-hour drive from Washington DC. I can definitely rely on Japanese food to give me that comfort.

The following night, I gave Dexter a taste of what food blogging entails. I brought him with me to The Citizen‘s media tasting night. He became my impromptu lighting assistant. LOL. It was fun being able to enjoy a good meal and show my cousin how big a part of my life my blogging turned out to be. It just started as a hobby and now I can’t imagine myself without it. Click here for the rest of the story behind our good eats at The Citizen.

Come two days later, Dexter celebrated his birthday. To celebrate the occasion, my sister Ayen and I brought him to my favorite restaurant Ursa for dinner and DT Bistro for dessert. It is not often that I go to these places but I always have it in mind for very special occasions. These two restaurants never failed to wow me with their food and I wanted to make the meal memorable to mark the occasion.

The past Saturday, the rest of my Toronto family gathered at my place to give Dexter’s birthday further extension. With a dinner menu of childhood favorites, it almost felt we were back at our home in Manila. For the night I cooked up a storm and came up with cucumber salad, Hamonado, Pork Sinigang, Vegetable lumpia and Lumpiang Shanghai. It was actually a double celebration too as my godchild Anne Marguerite just turned six. Suffice to say, we all had a food coma once the night was done.

The following morning was a slow start but Dexter and I made it to Kleinburg, Ontario for a quick look-see. After milling through the charming little shops, Cookie Crumble was recommended to us by the shop owner. Walking in, I could tell it was a gem of a find. The treats inside the display case alone would make you want to eat and stay. Rows of cookies, Quiche and handsome pies lined just beckoning you to have a piece. Somehow I bypassed it all and opted for the Banana Bread French Toast. I just have to know how it tasted like. Just the idea makes me lick my lips in anticipation. I am happy to say, it was definitely a good choice.

And now we are on the tail end of Dexter’s vacation. I wonder if I can still squeeze a few more? LOL.  It is indeed rather sad that this whirlwind is going to end.  But I don’t really worry much.  I know he would be back sooner rather than later. ;)
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