One of A Kind Online Media Launch at the L’Ouvrier

Posted on May 13, 2014


Just a few weeks after I gushed about an amazing brunch at L’Ouvrier, I was back again at the restaurant.  This time it was because it was the venue that hosted the media launch of One Of A Kind Online , an online shop of hand-crafted-made in Canada one-of-a-kind items.  One-Of-A-Kind-Online stems out from the popular One-Of-A-Kind Craft spring and Christmas events in downtown Toronto. This spin-off though gives access of these unique items the whole year through.

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Personally, I enjoy milling through items that I know I cannot find anywhere else.  I enjoy the task of finding a gift that would match the personality of the friend or loved one that I would give it to.  To me, that is half the fun of giving.  Seeing the expressions of joy and comprehension from the face of the person I give the gift to is like icing on the cake.  That is why I invest a lot of time in finding the perfect gift.  And I do like the idea that they would never figure out where I found the piece.  LOL.  So when I received the invite from the Mint Agency for One-Of-A-Kind Online’s media launch, I could not resist going.   I knew I had to check it out personally and see if this was going to be another avenue I can take in my search of exceptional rare items.

Unlike the time when I came at L’Ouvrier for brunch, the restaurant pared down the tables, strategically positioning it to showcase the items of participating vendors.  As I introduced myself, I got herded straight to the first table by reception as it was all about sugar cookies of iBakery.  I literally stood at this booth as I was green with envy with the skill of owner’s Jacqueline Long’s adept and swift skill of icing each cookie.  She was generous of giving me a demo handling royal icing and I know I would put it into good use when I attempt to make cookies once again.  Although I don’t think I would be anywhere as precise, I would attempt anyways.  After the demo, I was handed one of the sample cookies and I must say her sugar cookie is better than mine (insert pout here).  Each bite comes a smooth vanilla flavour and just the perfect amount of sweetness, despite the coating of royal icing.  It definitely was a good cookie.

Moving on to other vendors, I spent time watching Christina Obuch of Hatchet transfer a graphic to a piece of fabric using a silk screen.  She was very methodical that is was very obvious that she can do what she does with her eyes closed.  It didn’t matter that she chatted to us spectators as she was working, each tea towel came out perfectly printed, each print, clean and precise.

As I looked further around, I saw a spread of food items by the bar.  As there were other guests who were standing in front of it, I figured I would try out the food that L’Ouvrier has made for the occasion.  It was a treat for each morsel that I tasted (see slideshow…hehehe…too many to start listing them down).  It definitely helped that I found a seat at the bar and I keeping good company as I found my friend, Steven (a.k.a. foodiesonfoot) in the crowd.  Good conversation never ever loses flavor in my book.

After I knew I could not eat another bite, I started milling about once again, checking out the toys off one table and jewellry upon another.  I did a major stop by the booth of Mena Dragonfly.  How could you not when owner Melanie Mena brought her pottery wheel on full display, spinning fast, hypnotizing anyone who stopped to stare.  In a few minutes I see a cup formed and I revel at its symmetry.  After a few minutes of talking to Melanie, there was a minute I would have entertained to take up pottery.  She makes it looks so easy.  She definitely loves what she does.  I can easily see it in every item in display.

Thank you Samantha of The Mint Agency for the invite!  I surely would revisit the One-Of-A-Kind Online store soon!
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