Super Khorak Supermarket

Posted on May 14, 2014


The Sunday after my opening reception for Catalonia Castellers, I woke up late and yet I still felt exhausted. I guess I was holding my breath for such a long time. It didn’t help that I chose really high heels for the afternoon and after about 5 hours talking to people during the reception, my feet made me almost repentant the following day. Almost I say as given another chance to do what I did that day, I would do it all over again!

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Yet this blog post is not about my tired aching self the morning after. It was what sustenance I found when I did not have the energy to cook nor waltz along the grocery aisle to find me food. I happened to find my friend Tere online and she suggested that I go to Super Khorak Supermarket. Cheap yet tasty take-out food was the answer to my hunger pangs that day.

For all the years I have lived at Yonge and Finch, I always did not find the opportunity to go inside this Iranian supermarket. I have tasted their food once before as Tere brought it to my place once and we finished it all up in a heartbeat. When I walked in the bustling store, I found more dishes that I wanted to try. Pity that each dish was far too big for me to order more than two. I figured two generous take-out orders would be enough to sustain me for two days. And what a sustenance it was.

From the illustrated menu by the wall, I opted for the Koobideh beef kebab with rice and roasted tomato and a second dish of roasted chicken and saffron rice. I literally just bought the food and went straight home. Any other day, I would have loitered along the food aisles and see what else that would capture my attention. I guess I just have to come back. I live in this neighbourhood after all.

I took portions from both dishes and just like I remembered, it was delicious and comforting. Snucked on my sofa, in front of the TV and my sore feet resting on soft pillows, having authentic Iranian food was just what I needed that day. Of the two, I ate more of the Koobideh. It just might be the aroma of meat seared by direct fire. Oh yes, I definitely going back for more.