Gordo Ex Cafe

Posted on May 15, 2014


It seems that lately I haven’t been able to get to any new restaurants.  Last week, I finally found the time to do so and I scoured the internet for up and coming restaurants in Toronto.  Gordo Ex Cafe caught my eye as I find that the items in their menu I could easily call comfort food.  Having the same influences as my heritage, I just know that it would satisfy.

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Finding the restaurant close to Bathurst and Dupont, parking was quite easy on the side street of Bathurst.  Walking in, the restaurant was of decent size and it paid homage to its roots.  Images of Venezuela were on the table itself and bold modern graphics adorned its walls.  It seemed that the place already has good traffic as more than half of the restaurant was full.  I was thankful that no one took the table by the window.  Or is it also entirely possible that it was just vacated.  Luck was definitely with me.

Checking out the menu, there were several items that tempted me.  Gordo Ex Cafe is known for its arepas but I didn’t want to limit myself with it.  I ordered Patacon Gordo as it looked so impressive in the menu.  Fried plantain sandwiched what I take as pulled pork and chicken breast slivers.  I could not help but to also add Arepitas Fritas, deep fried tiny dough similar to the bread of an arepa.

I was not ready for the sizes of the food.  The Arepitas Fritas came first, with complimentary of creamy house-made Queso Blanco.  Not a few minutes later, the Patacon Gordo arrived.  I was quite bashful when the food arrived at my table, seeing the that the restaurant was generous with their portions.   Just as the picture in the menu, the Patacon Gordo is visually impressive, perfectly fried and crispy plantain sandwiching savory meat filling.  They also provided three bowls of their signature sauces:  traditional avocado, garlic, and chipotle.  I was told that I can try them one by one or make combinations as I see fit.  Of the three, I love the chipotle the best.  A dollop gives it an extra oomph without burning.  Patacon Gordo is definitely delicious comfort food.
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