The Mugshot Tavern

Posted on June 2, 2014


One afternoon, I made an impulsive decision of going to Roncesvalles to see my friend Valerie.  Since Valerie was a beer fan, I sought for a pub in the Roncesvalles area that where we could hang out. That was when I discovered Mugshot Tavern, conveniently at Keele and Bloor.  I thought it would be the perfect choice as it is close to her neighbourhood.  Usually short notices with Valerie works but unplanned things do miss the mark sometimes.   Valerie was under the weather to join me.  Since I was already there, I decided to have my impromptu dinner solo.

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At 6pm, the dining area was already bustling with people deep in conversation.  Just as I saw on the reviews online, the walls were adorned with mugshots of celebrities.  Shot in a harsh contrasty way that was very much mugshot style, the images that supposedly put the personality in disgrace seem to glamorize it instead.  The notoriety in having a mugshot made each exposure interesting.  I imagined each shot was so generic as it was shot but somehow the personality of each celebrity seemed to gave it another dimension.

By some luck the table by the window was free and I took claim.  Starting with hard lemonade, I checked out the menu.  What grabbed me  was their platter of fried chicken, mac n’ cheese and coleslaw.  It seemed rather comforting to see the combination and I was in the mood for a hearty dinner.  Waiting for the food, I went around checking each mugshot on the wall discreetly.  There were more when I went downstairs looking for the loo.  I can probably spend an hour just looking at all the mugshots but I was alone and I didn’t want the server to think I disappeared.  I guess I have to take that pleasure on a revisit.

When my food arrived, it was quite an impressive plate.  I didn’t expect it to come in such a generous quantity.  I think just the mac n’ cheese would be enough to pacify me. So I take a little of each.  There was no way I can finish it all up alone.  The fried chicken was delicious and moist and the coleslaw I finished in a heartbeat.  But these two were trumped by the mac n’ cheese.  The creaminess and the stringy cheese made it so irresistible, everything about it was appetizing.  If that was the side dish, I think when I come back I would get their full dinner portion of the mac n’ cheese.  LOL.

I am glad I stayed even if my friend did not make it.  The gallery and the food definitely made this stop worth it.  I surely would make another impulsive decision soon and hopefully I can share it with a good friend. :)
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