P & L Burger – Permanently closed

Posted on June 1, 2014


Two weeks ago I had one of those very long days.  Waking up at half past 4 in the morning and still on my feet at 9 that night, I felt my knees wanting to buckle under my weight.  I dragged my feet as I packed my camera bag and lugged my equipment to the parking lot.  Getting behind the wheel, I knew I would not even hope to last the drive to Yonge and Finch when I was still far south at King and Spadina.   I needed to recoup and I thought it would be best to grab a quick bite.  Abe and I opted for Queen St. West and P & L Burger captured Abe’s attention.

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I parked the car and Abe and I walked in the narrow restaurant.  I have been there once before and I was happy of the Castor burger that I selected.   Too tired to be fussy, I just selected another one that was below my old choice without really comprehending it.  All that registered was that it was Philly cheesesteak style with mushrooms.  What surprised me when they handed me my burger was that it came with pickled jalapeños.  I was concerned of the level of spiciness but it was too late to change it then.  Abe went for a plain hamburger.  Hearing that mine came with pickled jalapeños, he asked for it on the side.

When my burger arrived, I looked at it prolly with a hopeless stare.  It looked so big and towering, I was wondering how I was to finish it.  Biting into it, I was surprised that I do like that swift kick of the pickled jalapeños mixing with the cheesy mushrooms topping of the burger.   All of that on top of a moist burger was indeed so satisfying. Abe’s was just as happy with his selected burger, generously stuffing it with the same pickled jalapeños as he finished his burger.

I ended up finishing only 2/3 ‘s of my burger as I sat on the bar stool contemplating how long the day was.  Don’t think I am complaining about the long day.  I am actually relishing the moment.  I have dreamt so many times that this day would come when I say that I was so tired after a good photoshoot.  I have been saying that line a lot lately and I hope  I don’t jinx it and I say it some more.   I sat there exhausted and thought I finally experience the euphoria of living and doing my dream job.  The P&L burger was just the icing on the cake. :)
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