Hakka Flavours

Posted on June 10, 2014


Most days I always stay indoors for lunch, too lazy to drive off in a haze of budgeting my short lunch period.    But one day I was really antsy and I just needed a quick break from work and very much out-of-character, I skipped out for about 45 minutes to have a short drive to a mall nearby.  I didn’t really have anything planned nor researched.  I just went out on an impulse.  But with that impulse came my discovery of fast and quick gratification.  I came upon Hakka Flavours at Airport Road and Queen St at Brampton.

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Walking in, I prayed for something like what I used to enjoy at a former favourite hakka Chinese place in Mississauga.   The restaurant was busy at the height of the lunch hour but have enough tables for me to get one right away.  It had an airy feel and I think I’ll account that feeling to the high ceilings and the big windows.  Somehow it also helps with the noise level.  The restaurant was two-thirds full of people, most deep in conversations but all that commotion did not bother me at all.

After leaving GSK, I have stopped indulging my cravings for Chili Chicken and spicy Garlic paneer.  Looking at their menu, I saw that it worked the same way, a combo of soup, spring roll, rice and protein of choice is what you get for a really reasonable price. I was torn between Szechuan Eggplant or the Chili Chicken.  I knew I have to tell my friend Arsha about Hakka Flavours and her favourite was always was the Chili Chicken so I took that option for that day with a side of spring roll and cream of corn soup.  We used to feed off each other’s cravings years ago in GSK.  And I just know if I find another go-to place close to us, we would be regulars.

I was surprised that my food came very swiftly  and I was happily slurping the warm, comforting corn soup.  The warmth of the soup just whets the appetite for the main event and the food was actually not as spicy I remember Chili Chicken to be.  They do have the option for you to add more chilies to your dish should you need it and that was what I did as I wanted more kick to my Chili Chicken.  I want that heat to shock my tastebuds and make me sweat at the back of my neck.  Like I said, I was just not my usual guarded self.  LOL.

I was in and out of the restaurant in about 30 minutes, making it really perfect to match my short lunch hour.  I know I would come back to this place repeatedly and definitely with Arsha in tow soon.

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