Yogurty Froyo’s at Liberty Village #FroyoBeachParty

Posted on June 13, 2014


Last week I got invited for the launch the summer flavours of Yogurty’s at Liberty Village. Such a sweet treat for me to refuse and that afternoon, I indulged my sweet tooth with Abe. It has been a while since I last hanged out at Liberty Village. It is rather have a nostalgic effect on me as this was the place where I grew as a photographer. Just a few doors down was my mentor’s studio. There were a lot of new establishments that opened while I was away. Yogurty’s took a prime spot, just right beside Starbucks and a few doors down Metro.

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Walking in an airy beautiful space, we were greeted warmly by Denise Roy, who was the one who invited me over to sample Yogurty’s summer flavours. When we walked in, we were pointed to the direction of the dispensers and like a kid who has her arm inside a cookie jar, I giddily tried every flavour. I have to tell you that experience alone was gratifying. It was indulgent to have as much froyo as you can insanely eat until you experience brain freeze. LOL. The three featured flavours were Classic Mojito Sorbet, Pina Colada Froyo and Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet. Of the three, my favourite was the Strawberry Daiquiri Sorbet and Abe was in love with the Pina Colada Flavour. I really enjoyed that it was not overwhelmingly sweet and that distinct notes of strawberry on the sorbet was such a pleasure to feel as it melted in my mouth. Abe was partial to the blend of the pineapple flavour and the hints of coconut in his Pina Colada froyo.

After indulging in several mini cups of froyo, we got to meet person behind the flavours of Yogurty’s, Carlo Campo, Yogurty’s Froyo Mixologist and Food Scientist. It was quite clear how much big a foodie Carlo Campo was as you can hear it in the enthusiasm in his voice as he spoke about what his work entails. Before the speech ended, we were surprised with a fourth flavour by Yogurty’s VP Chief Marketing Officer Karen Sterling as she announced a fourth flavour for the night, Canadian Maple Bacon! I must say they did recreate that smoky taste and aroma and the hints of maple was pretty evident. But even with my love affair with bacon, I still stick with my Strawberry Daiquiri choice. Good thing about Yogurty’s was that you can put both flavours on the same cup! LOL.

Maybe this would be the weekend to taste all the summer flavours and get a whiff of bacon with the Canadian Maple froyo. Dad might enjoy his bacon in his froyo. Have fun this weekend and enjoy the sweet flavours of Yogurtys! Bring Dad at Liberty Village and take your froyo up their second floor patio space. Truly a summer thing!

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