Watching #GERvsARG at Firkin on King

Posted on July 14, 2014


Last Saturday was the first time I ever sat and watched a full game of football. That afternoon I watched the 2014 FIFA World Cup final game between Germany vs Argentina. My friend Valerie and I was supposed to be in a German restaurant and I already had my mind made up that my late lunch would be of sausages and a pint of beer and myself getting my heart rate up as I watch the final showdown of football mastery. But even if we were one hour early for the game, the restaurant we wanted to go to was packed to the gills with FIFA fans and we had to find another pub on short notice. Good thing Valerie located Firkin on King and got ourselves a good banquet to boot. I was meant to watch that beautiful game.

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Looking through Firkin’s menu, I opted for the bangers, beans and mash as I really had my heart set on eating a savoury sausage. Valerie opted to have fish and chips for lunch. Seeing that Valerie was hooked on cider, I tried Strongbow myself and I think I have found that I do have a preference for cider.

When the food came, we still had a few minutes before the game started. I totally enjoyed the sausages and all the beans that it sitting on. I don’t remember the last time that I had such a meal that so reminded me of the pork & beans that I enjoyed as a kid. Downing each bite with a Strongbow gulp, I was so pacified when I finished. It was just in time when the game started.

From my perspective of no bias, non-partisan football spectator, I thought the game was pretty much even. So much so that there were no goals until the overtime goal by Gotze. Throughout the game, I was afraid of looking away and missing out witnessing that coveted goal. Both sides were tight with their defences and aggressive with their offences. Since Valerie sided with Argentina, I thought it would be fun to side with Germany and we had a standing after-lunch coffee, with the tab picked up with the losing team. Suffice to say, I savoured a cup of free coffee at Aroma, minutes after that spectacular goal by Germany.

For a beginner, I had luck on my side to enjoy a victory. It was truly adrenalin pumping when the crowd erupted at that goal. Late bloomer that I am, I now have a better understanding of football and wished I did not wait too long to pick up the interest. I guess the next World Cup I have to get on board early and get out there right away. ;)
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