Canadian Bacon Eatery – Permanently closed

Posted on July 15, 2014


Last Saturday, I was to meet up with my two besties at Mississauga for a hike then a late lunch.  I don’t go west that often so I thought I’d squeeze a diner/brunch place that I discovered a few days ago.  I came across Canadian Bacon Eatery after a random search at Urbanspoon.  After reading reviews about it, it seems interesting to me that no one has a picture of their A Bunch of Bacon platter.  They apparently have 5 different selections of bacon and you get to try them all when you get this platter. Just try to visualize classical, double-smoked, applewood, pea meal and peppercorn pea meal bacon! Finding no pictures of it, it really peaked my curiosity.

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I have to meet up my friends by 11am so I headed west to Oakville a little past 9am.  After exiting at Ford Drive at the QEW, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes to get to the restaurant.  I guess most people are still snoozing that lazy Saturday morning.  But I was wrong when I walked in the restaurant.  Almost full to capacity, the place was bustling and predominantly awake with the chatter in the midst of the weekend favourite meal.  I sat in one middle banquet and waited for someone to take my order.  I came there for one and one thing only.  I came for the bacon platter.

When I finally got my chance to say what I wanted, it occurred to me how silly it may sound considering I was alone.  The server actually double-checked with me that I understood that it was 15 strips of bacon in one order.  I laughed bashfully and said that I promise not to eat it all and all I wanted to do was to see and taste it.  Since I didn’t plan on finishing the dish, I also asked for a to-go container to bring the leftovers home.

As I waited, the gentleman sitting beside me probably could not resist it and asked me if I really did order the platter.  If I were any fairer, I probably would be beet red blushing.  No matter how much bacon love one has, it was really looking like pure gluttony on my end.  I had no choice but to out myself as a food blogger who was curious to know what the bacon platter was.  The lady who was dining with that same gentleman told me that she was indeed worried that I would wolf down the whole platter by myself.  Once we got those awkward moments out of the way, I found out that the couple were regulars at Canadian Bacon Eatery and let me in the secret that the best one of the five was the peppercorn pea meal bacon.

Once the platter arrived, I broke pieces of each bacon and tried to savour each bite.  All the strips of bacon have the right crisp and its smokiness heightens its savoury flavour.  No matter that I always opt for the classical bacon strips,  it was the peppercorn pea meal bacon that has captured my heart.  The zing after each bite hit all the right notes in my mouth.  After all that bacon, I lived to tell the tale.  I only did because I did not finish the whole dish. LOL.

As penance, I enthusiastically looked forward to a hike at the Cheltenham Badlands Trail.  I was up and ready for a trek but my friend only had the intention of showing me the landscape and not to go too far.  Good intentions sometimes does not happen.  So I guess I have to do more yoga.  It’s the least that I can do. And to add to my guilt, once our trek was done and we went back for our lunch, my friend whipped out our lunch and it was roasted pork loin wrapped in bacon. Now how funny is that?

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