Mosaic Mediterranean Grill – Permanently closed

Posted on August 12, 2014


Sometimes in the middle of the day, I just feel a craving to go out and take a break from work.  Last week, I found it hard to curb this need and I caved in although I had no idea of where to go.  I was planning on checking out Urbanspoon but before I checked it out, I got a recommendation from a colleague to try Mosaic Mediterranean Grill by Bovaird and Torbram Rd.

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It was a short drive from work and I was relishing the few minutes of freedom.  The restaurant was in the middle of a strip mall and was bustling with people doing their chores.  When I walked in, the restaurant was quiet, possibly as it was already past 1pm and the lunch rush was dying.  With high ceilings, ample space between tables and a visible kitchen grill on a the far end of the restaurant,    I conveniently chose a booth and I asked for a menu.  There were a lot of items that I would like to try but for that day I settled for chicken souvlaki platter.

It wasn’t long when I was given a big bowl of greek salad brimming with copious strands of feta cheese.  It was a meal on its own.  Then it was followed with a very aromatic warm pita bread.  Hot off the grill, my stomach shamelessly grumbled as the smell wafted my way.  Just the two was enough to fill me.  And then I remembered that there was the chicken souvlaki with a side of rice and potatoes that was supposed to come.  I wondered how could I possibly finish all of it? You can see in my slideshow, that is about how much I brought home after eating.  The nuggets of juicy chicken was delicious but I was too full to finish it.

I will surely be back for that falafel that I found on their menu.  I’ll be prudent to just order the wrap for lunch.  After that delicious meal, I know that falafel would be just as good :)
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