Agave y Aguacate – Permanently closed

Posted on August 11, 2014


After a long day working, Abe and I actually found energy to extend the night with dinner at Agave y Aguacate.  The first time we came here, it was a Monday night and we left feeling silly that we didn’t check their schedule.  That night we came back,  dinner at Agave y Aguacate was in the books!  Their patio was full and but we were told that we can wait it out on a table by the bar and we could transfer once a table outside was free.  Frankly, I was already happy with the table inside.  From all the reviews I have read about this place, I know I was in for a good meal.

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Abe and I agreed to have a feast of a variety of dishes.  We went for Tostada Verde (guacamole layered with queso fresco, tomatoes, crema and salsa de chile guajillo),  Tostada de Ceviche (market fish with carrot in lime juice, mixed with tomato, habanero, onion, cilantro and slices of avocado) for starters.  For mains, Abe went for Sopa De Tortilla (shredded chicken in a tomato broth served with Tortilla) and I got Costillas De Cerdo En Mole (Pork side ribs with spicy mole) and we shared a dish of Calabacitas ala Crema (Zucchini cooked in crema fresca).  My tummy churned as I waited in anticipation for the food.  I was tired and sleepy but at the same time excited that I get to finish my day with good food.  It felt such a myriad of ironies I know.  Food can do that to me.

As we waited for the food, we were given a complimentary bowl of tortillas with a medley of avocados and nuts.  As the food came we were told that we finally have a table in the patio.  The timing was perfect that we got a good table by the side of the fence.  The night was perfect for a dinner by the patio, not humid, not cold, just a clear summer night.  As I got my first bite of the Tostada verde, I was in love.  I can definitely eat a couple of that on my own and have a happy smile on my face.  It was a good balance of heat, savoury and fresh.  The ceviche was just as alluring.  Fresh fish soaked in lime had a good dash of freshness from the cilantro,  it was definitely a crowd pleaser.

In a few minutes the rest of the food arrived.  Since the three dishes that came ahead were such a treat, I had high expectations for what followed suit.  My pork side ribs was so tender  the meat just fell right off the bone with gentle prodding.  That with deep layers of flavours was so satisfying, I did not want the experience to end.  The zucchini  with crema was just as satisfying and filling.

As I am with Abe, the meal had to finish with a sweet note.  We went for a flan de chocolate to share.  It was so comforting to the palate that all I can do is sigh at the good fortune of sharing a good meal with a good friend.

If every long day ended with such a meal, I wouldn’t mind working the long hours.  I am so glad that I kept the restaurant in mind and finally got to try it.  If you want to try Mexican flavours, I highly recommend you come and try Agave y Aguacate.

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