Posted on August 18, 2014


Last Tuesday, I got invited for the media preview for PoutineVille, Toronto’s new poutine restaurant. The potato-lover in me just could not say no (see picture of me huggling giant potato in PEI). It should convince you that I love anything potato.  So the media preview of Poutineville was definitely a must-go kind of an event.

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Unlike its predecessors of poutine-centric food stops in Toronto, PoutineVille is a full-serve restaurant with an alcohol license. Walking in, it has impressive interiors and a lively vibe. A long bar greets you by the door and the walls are exposed brick adorned with impressive retro images of Toronto, complimented with wooden tables and sleek tufted leather banquettes. I was late but I was handed a cocktail right away as I sat. I was just in time for the speeches from owner Kosta Kariotakis and I heard that I was in for an indulgent evening.

In no time, a parade of poutine came by our table. It started with the Filet Mignon poutine and the Vegetarian Poutine.  The Filet Mignon poutine was  topped with AAA-grade cubed, juicy steak, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese curds and hints of blue cheese and doused with housemade pepper gravy.  Meanwhile the vegetarian option was equally filling with roasted bell peppers, corn,  caramelized onions and sweet potato fries.  I surprised myself as I opted to finish the vegetarian option despite the Filet Mignon being so tender and delicious.  There are really days where I find my preferences so out-of-character.  LOL.

After indulging on those two, the Montrealer followed.  This poutine was piled with smoked meat, sauteed mushrooms, housemade gravy and Swiss cheese au gratin on fries and finished with a fried pickle on top. The fried pickle was a good addition as it cuts through the richness of the gravy and the cheesiness of the poutine.  At this point, I still wanted the vegetarian option.

Everyone stopped when owner Kosta Kariotakis announced the arrival of the Heart Attack which was a full 15 pound tray of poutine topped with ridiculous amounts of curds, cheese, meat and swimming in gravy.  I found it funny that the servers came as paramedics as they showed the dish to everyone.  The only way you can survive a Heart Attack poutine is to share it.  No way I can imagine someone finishing it on their own.

The last one to come my way was the house Specialty, PoutineVille.  I must say this was the show stopper for me.  The potatoes are par-boiled, hand-crushed and deep-fried to absolute crispness then doused with deep-flavoured gravy and topped with copious amounts of fresh curds, I was totally in love.  The crispness of the fries held on even after a while in front of me.  At this point, I was getting slow eating as I was too full from the previous servings of poutine.  If it came out first, I probably would have finished it, no problem.

Thank you for the invitation, PoutineVille!  You definitely impressed this potato fan! :)
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