G for Gelato Media Tasting – Permanently closed

Posted on August 20, 2014


There is a gelato place that I have visited time and time again in the St. Lawrence area. It’s G for Gelato at the southeast corner of Jarvis and Adelaide. Each time I go there, I only get one thing and one thing only, lemon gelato! I just could not get enough of it that I don’t venture out of what I like. So when I got invited by @clickflickca to come to a media night tasting event at G for Gelato, I just have to go! It was a good time to try other gelato flavours and their savoury menu, particularly their pizzas that there were featuring for the night.

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As I was familiar with the place, I parked on my usual spot by the southeast corner of Jarvis and Adelaide on the side street and came through their back door. I found it funny that I got caught sneaking in by @clickflickca. After getting the registration done by @AwesomeJennJenn, I found another familiar face that was @pronosher. I found myself a dining companion! That would definitely be more fun to share food with a fellow foodie!

Before I sat on our table, I got myself to try three gelato flavours, I sneaked in my favourite lemon, tequila lime and blueberry. I only asked for a small bowl but I was given a big one. On a regular day, I would have finished the thing but that night, I haven’t even started with the pizzas. The blueberry made such an impression on me. The flavour was so deep that I could just have eaten real berries.

As we were waiting for the event to start, I got to meet @EatNMingle too. Platters of charcuterie was placed on our table for sharing. The plate looks gorgeous but I was holding off for the pizza. I got my eye set on a calabrese salad and a Maialina pizza. I was in the mood for something spicy and that is exactly what I got. Talking to @pronosher, I suggested that we split two varieties of pizza and after hearing that she went for the Fungi and Arugula pizza. Yay! It always makes me happy to get opportunities to get to try more things and not having to be guilty about eating too much. :)

I forgot to mention that the event came with a free massage! And I thought I have seen it all. Never was I in a food event that has a massaging chair. The treat came from Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa that a hop and a skip away from G For Gelato. As we were waiting for our salads, I was up for my turn and boy, I wish I have a longer time for it. Despite the noise around me of foodies chattering, I half-wished I had a few minutes to snooze as he worked out the kinks in my shoulders.

After a few minutes, the session ended (insert pouting face here) and that pout became a smile as I came back to a big plate of calabrese salad. The salad was definitely a good start as it was freshness at each bite. Juicy tomato, soft fresh mozzarella and aromatic basil. I literally finished the big plate. I just could not bear to leave a morsel uneaten.

When the pizzas arrived, I have a tinge of regret as the pizza was generous. It was just the way I want it, fresh tomatoey sauce, fresh ingredients, warm and toasty on a thin crust! After our rounds of pictures, I asked the server to swap half of my Maialina with half of @pronosher’s Funghi and Arugula pizza. It was definitely the best idea of the night as I got to try both pizzas and both pizzas are amazing. The heat coming from my spicy Maialina was just what I needed, it made my palette dance without killing my taste buds. The Funghi and Arugula pizza was a good complement as its freshness and earthy bitter flavours complimented the Maialina. I went back and forth the two different pizzas but I cannot pick which one I like better. I definitely like both.

After I was satiated with the generous pizzas, I got another try of another flavour of gelato as we were handed stubs for dessert. I could not help myself but to try their Red Bull flavour. Both @EatnMingle and I agreed it was spot on in flavour. I wonder if you end up bouncing around on the walls after a cup of the gelato. LOL.

Thank you Shant and Joallore for inviting us over. I surely would be back again once I am in the neighbourhood. I love G for Gelato even more :)

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