Hy’s Steakhouse

Posted on September 8, 2014


When I got invited to Hy’s Steakhouse for a preview of their new lunch menu, my curiosity was peaked since the email came across as personalized. For this reason, I managed to squeeze it in after a very long work day of writing reports and a photoshoot to boot. You could say by 7pm I was weary and ready for bed. But Abe and I still went out to Hy’s Steakhouse. After the experience was said and done, I was glad I made the effort. It was definitely a dinner that I’ll remember for years.

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Coming to a restaurant to King St. West, parking has always been difficult. I thought I had to scout for one of the underground parkings and I had to turn around the block looking for one. When I came round back the front again, I finally saw that Hy’s Steakhouse actually have valet parking in the front and the parking fee was actually more reasonable than the parking lot that I have seen on my roundabout. That was a definite plus for drivers like me.

Walking through an impressive door, I was wowed by the grandeur of the reception area. A lounge with dark panelling, grand piano and a larger than life mural to my right, a handsome staircase tucked elegantly further on, as I swept my gaze through a long polished room of old world sensibilities. I can already tell that it must be a restaurant that caters to most of the financial big-wigs of Toronto. The interiors definitely made me imagine of power lunches and savvy business deals. But when I was guided for a walk-through by Paul Done of Epic Media, I see there were many intimate tufted booths that can really be special for those intimate romantic dinners that made me imagine small blue Tiffany boxes and a cooling champagne on the side. Going to the second floor, a large sprawling room with a wide fireplace mantle piece fronting a large harvest table with handsome leather seats tucked neatly in. General Manager Chris Meyer told us they mostly use the space for corporate dinner functions and I immediately imagined festive Christmas dinners and the space fully decked for the season. The coziness of the place just encourages me to create the joyous scene. As I impulsively voice out part of my daydream, Chris validated it more that they do go all out for Christmas decorations and festivities. The kid in me definitely wants to come back already just for that reason.

When we went back to the lounge area, three of their new appetizers were already there for us to try. But of course, I fussed and I played taking pictures of the food as I found my second wind. What was waiting for me to try were plates of medium rare steak salad and duck confit salad. I immediately tasted the steak and was impressed of its tenderness. Beautiful grill marks on the outside, perfectly pink in the middle and pliant, this lunch item was definitely luxurious to the palate. I must say that was my favourite from the lunch items despite the buttery soft feel of the duck confit and the freshness of the tuna tartare.

But our meal did not stop there. They also gave us to try a restaurant favourite of cheese bread. Just the smell alone can make you so hungry. They also treated us to a display of making fresh Caesar salad and had a plate of Ahi Tuna Salad and Braised Pork Belly. I am easily entertained watching the swift skill of the server preparing the Caesar Salad dressing. The Caesar salad was light and airy with tasty croutons giving that texture to complete the dish. I must say though that I was so impressed with the Pork Belly and I finished the plate as it was too delicious to leave a morsel. I would later be repentant of doing that as there were more food to follow.

We were then treated to a table side prepping of Steak Diane table side. Flambeed in Brandy and with mustard and topped with mushrooms and onions, the dish was absolutely delicious. Despite the cook’s headsup warning, I did not capture sharply that flash of fire as he splashed the brandy in. That remorse was quickly forgotten as I finished (the whole thing again!) my half of Steak Diane. I am sensing I wouldn’t know what to best highlight in my blog now that I have two dishes that I was so impressed with.

Following that fantastic taste was a plate of Beef Wellington, with a side of brussel sprouts and stuffed potato and Muscovy Duck Confit . Now at this point, I was already bordering on being full but I could not resist sampling the Beef Wellington. The pastry was beautifully buttery and crisp and it was wrapped all around a perfect cooked tender beef inside. It was rich and generous, if I wasn’t so full, I probably finished my half of the dish. Just like the salad, the Muscovy Duck Confit just melts on your mouth enhanced by the deep flavours of pan jus, pancetta and kidney beans. Seriously at this point, I don’t even know what was my favourite dish.

The dinner did end on a sweet note of crème brûlée, fruit cup and a warm comforting pudding. I just took about a spoonful of each as I have no more room to spare. It was definitely a night of indulgence and I am grateful of the goodness of the food and service. Thank you Paul and Chris for such a lovely dining experience at Hy’s Steakhouse. I am definitely glad that I found my second wind through your delicious food.

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