Bang Bang Ice Cream

Posted on October 26, 2014


Around 10PM my birthday night, despite all the food that I enjoyed, I was really compelled to give Bang Bang Ice Cream. It was the last thing I wanted to enjoy my birthday night and my friend Jojo was game.  After the food event we went through, I still want to pass by this ice cream place at Ossington.  After I got my ice cream, I think I now knew why.

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The second time I passed by, I missed it again.  Bang Bang Ice cream have such a small signage, it was easy to miss.  But don’t let that deter you from coming as it was definitely worth the trouble of finding it.  The store was more of a take-out setup, with a display of rows of freshly-baked coffee on front and center.  You would get the general idea of customizing your ice cream sandwich with the ice cream flavour that they have in store.  I had my heart set on the 70% choco cookie and I sandwiched peanut butter ice cream on the middle.  Jojo and I split the sandwich as it was just too big after all the food we have eaten.

And as I was enjoying the ice cream sandwich, sitting on the wooden bench, I watched other customers come in.  I saw that they started assembling an ice cream with a sparkler and later I learned it was also the other customer’s birthday.  And when I greeted the birthday celebrant, she tells me that her other friend who was just behind her shares it too!  Three people with the same birthday in one  roof so late at night, now how many chances does that ever happen?  LOL.

Maybe that was why it was so compelling!  Or maybe I just have to have my ice cream!
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