La Hacienda

Posted on November 9, 2014


I promise this would be the last bday-related post…I am not even spelling the word (insert unsure sweet smile here). I finally got to try La Hacienda as my EyeCandyTO business partner, Abe Wornovitzky, treated me to a dinner here after a successful shoot. Let me just say that I am feeling more than pampered when we walked in La Hacienda to finally find the reason it has trended steadily for the past few months.

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We easily found a parking spot by the side street and I was happy to find out that they didn’t have any parking fees. Definitely a plus. Walking through a very handsome antique door, I was greeted with a half-wall with an equally old pulley hanging by a chain, letting me see through the room. It was like walking in a stylish antique store as there was a lot to grab your attention as relics of the past made the collage of every wall and ceiling space. Whoever had the vision of putting it all together has a good command of successfully combining different shapes and textures, finding harmonies between the practical and the whimsy.

I was almost saddened when we led up to the second floor as I wanted to stay a little bit longer and enjoy the antiques some more but then I realized, if I didn’t find myself in that flight of stairs, I wouldn’t have seen it in another perspective. Anyways, the second floor was just equally interesting, going to the same lines of treatment in design.

When we finally got our table, we obviously went for the usual suspects when in a Mexican-themed restaurant. Abe got us ceviche and guacamole and I added a poblano queso taco. Generous serving for both the ceviche and the nachos, it was depleted as we got on talking about our progressing work on a cookbook. It felt satisfying to see a cookbook progress and moving forward to where I was envisioning it. That work talk I stopped doing though when I got a bite of the taco. I must say I am no expert on tacos compared to Abe but I really liked the combination of flavours. Savoury and tangy met my taste buds with each bite, if I were not full from the guacamole, ceviche and nachos, I would have ordered one more.

We ended the meal to pacify the sweet tooth with a serving of tres leches. A cake smothered with three kinds of milk, evaporated, condensed and whipped cream, I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as sweet as I expected it to be. Abe went on and on how it reminded him of his childhood with every spoonful that he took, relishing it with much gusto. The serving was generous and it was enough to split for two.

Thanks Abe for another dinner with your company. I must say that was great finish to all my bday highlights. See? As promised, I wouldn’t say the word. :)

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