Friday Nights at ROM and Dutch Dreams

Posted on November 10, 2014


Friday was one of those rare times when I can hang out with my sister. She always comes as a unit, with Jeremy and Gabrielle usually in tow. Friday, it was just her and me and we decided to spend it at the Royal Ontario Museum. Up to the end of this month, Friday nights turns the museum into a club scene, live music and a deejay becomes the background noise as you mill into the exhibits. Bars get set up in three floors and in some rooms, it is allowed to take it with you as you view art. Whoever came up with the concept, it really works for the Friday demographic.

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But what tops it off is that my favourite people are here. My friend Diona, a.k.a.TitaFlips of Kanto is a food vendor Friday nights and it is the comfort of being able to eat your favourites that keeps me going. Together with Kanto, I see another favourite from Market 707, Japanese street food Gushi. I introduced Gushi’s Karaage to my sister and she is hooked. How could you not be when it’s all so savoury paired off with a sweet chill sauce.

After we had our fill of dinosaurs and medieval relics, I still wanted to get my sister to try other things I enjoy. On our way back to North York, it dawned on me that we would pass by the new location Dutch Dreams. I could not resist swinging by and have one more fun stop and share it with my sister. Despite the early winter chill, I treated her with a big cone of an ice cream and see the giddiness of her face in the slideshow. Priceless face to see. Priceless time to spend with my sister.

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