Kwality Sweets & Restaurant

Posted on November 11, 2014


One of the newest subscriber to my blog is the (sweetest!) intern who works with me. Samantha not only makes my life easier but she also shares with me the passion about food. I often have to consciously remind myself to cut the conversation once we start talking about food because I think if given the chance, we both can talk about food all day long. LOL.

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Recently I have walked in an Indian restaurant and I bought samosa, aloo tikki and palak paneer to go. Taking a menu with me, I showed it to Samantha and she tells me that she has heard only good things about Kwality Sweets and Restaurant. She started to talk about dosas and even if I have heard about dosas before, I never had a chance to try them. She started describing to me that a dosa was crepe-like and was crispy paper thin, she gave my imagination a whirlwind of vivid images I could almost taste it. We agreed to try it last week and with several other friends in tow, we all had quite an indulgent lunch.

Five of us went in Kwality Sweets & Restaurant as I came with Samantha, Michael, Jaynicia and Roksana. Being in a big group of friends was especially good because I prolly would be able to taste more than what I can when I eat on my own. The servings were quite generous and they were also quick to serve. It was a very good thing as we theoretically just have a short lunch break. After the last plate has arrived, you can hardly see the table top as there were two plates of Masala dosas, two aloo tikki platters, a samosa platter, two sizzling chicken tikkas and of course a plate of fresh naan.

I was thankful I only went for Masala Dosa and not the Mysore Masala Dosa. The heat of the Masala Dosa was just enough for me and I could feel the sweat start forming at the base of neck. If you have a high tolerance for heat, maybe you can tell me about the Mysore Masala Dosa. The Masala dosa was at the edge of my tolerance. Even if I can feel the heat, I still kept eating it as it was so satisfyingly flavourful and filling. I don’t know if I ate it the right way but I pinched small pieces of the dosa and I tried my best to grab the potato filling as I go.

Thanks Samantha for introducing dosas to me. This is definitely an option I would keep an eye on that would compete for my love of palak paneer.
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