EatNMingle features Kanto at Pact Bar

Posted on November 25, 2014


@EatNMingle a.k.a Rey Pan is one foodie that recently I have crossed paths with in food events. This time around, I intentionally joined him for one of his organized events for his Meetup group, Eat N Mingle as it was featuring another good friend of mine, Kanto’s TitaFlips a.k.a. Diana Joyce at Pact Bar west of Bathurst and Dundas.

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A few weeks ago, he approached me to introduce him to Diona as he wanted to introduce Filipino cuisine to his members.  As we were talking, I found out that he has never tried Filipino food and I couldn’t wait to make Diona and Rey meet.  Suffice to say, that meeting happened and Rey organized an EatNMingle meetup event last week at Pact Bar.

It felt surreal to watch people go through food that I grew up with and watch them enjoy it.  I personally know how each food by the kamayan table tasted like and I was elated that they understand why I love the food I grew up with.  I felt a sense of pride that they had good things to say afterwards.  I suddenly have this impulse to feed them more Filipinos classics, those that you only find in Filipino households.  It was indeed a very good successful evening.As for drinks, I tried Pact Bar’s The Mingle which was a cocktail of vodka, OJ and soda.  Sure went well with my lichen koala that I keep on popping to my willing mouth.

If you want to join Rey’s Eat N Mingle group and meet some same-minded foodies to have a good conversation over good food, join his group by clicking on this link.

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