Han Ba Tang

Posted on December 11, 2014


A few weeks ago, I finally got my wish. I often prayed that food events that I go to would somehow make it to North York. That came into fruition with an invitation from Han Ba Tang. For a change, I only needed 10 minutes to get to an event! That already was a treat! :D

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Easy enough to find up at northwest of Yonge and Sheppard, I walked in and was surprised how much preparation and attention to the small details they have for the event. Kudos to Acorn Communications! I was really tickled pink that they knew my name (first and last and pronounced it right too!) and have my table reserved with my blog’s name on it. Added plus was that the invitation was also extended to two of my foodie friends, @pronosher a.k.a. Diana and @eatnmingle a.k.a. Rey. Good conversation IMHO only heightens the experience of a good meal. I sincerely believe in that!

After I did a quick round of taking pictures of the restaurant interiors, the event opened with a speech from owner Chae. As I listened to her rehash how Han Ba Tang got conceptualized and started, I felt like we were visiting someone’s home and we were given good hospitality and where the service was exceptional. The only thing that brought me out of my reverie was that I was too busy looking around industrial-themed restaurant.  I always loved places where layers of antiques of metal and wood were combined so tastefully.  It was definitely not your traditional Korean restaurant.

We were treated to a cross-section of the menu at Han Ba Tang. I was actually overwhelmed at the amount of food that came to our table. I was told by one of the servers that most of the food are what you would find in the trendiest places in Korea.  It would have the flavours of Korean with a North American spin.  Here’s the list of the food that we have enjoyed:

  • Unique cocktails, Live to 1000 for me (soju, honey, ginseng, hennessy), Clean Cut for Diana (Soju, cucumber and mint) and Classic Piña Colada for Rey.
  • Steamed Lobster with a house sauce (first time I had the treat starting a meal with a plump, moist chunk of a lobster and I am not complaining!)
  • Kalbi taco and spicy pork taco sitting on a bed of shredded cabbage and house aioli
  • Kimchi fries topped with bulgogi, kimchi and aioli gravy and green onions
  • Chilli Shrimps (lightly battered shrimp with chilli sauce
  • Black Squid Ink Pasta (Squid ink pasta with mussels and Korean beef cake)
  • Spicy Chicken and Fondue
  • Spoon Pizza
  • Spicy Seafood Soup
  • Dessert

For that very long list, I must say that I was most in love with the Kimchi fries and the Spicy Seafood Soup.  I found it most amusing that my friend Diana, actually would not let the server take the Kimchi fries plate even with the arrival of more food.  The Spicy Seafood Soup brings me back to a place of comfort.  It was more spicy than I am used to but that doesn’t take away from the deep flavours of harmony for each spoonful of the broth.  I relished each bite of the plump and pliant shrimp, perfectly cooked and absolutely delicious.

Thank you Han Ba Tang for such a wonderful food tasting event.  I would definitely be back as the proximity of your restaurant would surely cure my cravings quickly!

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