Le Dolci

Posted on December 23, 2014


I am definitely a Christmassy person. For anyone who is close to me, that fact is hard to miss as I round around getting ready well very early before the season and I shower everyone around me with my Christmas cookies as the big day drew near. This year though I was a little bit muted as I was too busy with photoshoots so when I received an invite from Le Dolci to feature their holiday offerings, I just had to make time to get there.

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When I arrived, I spent more than just a few minutes outside admiring their display window. A whole village of gingerbread houses lined the window, tastefully and sweetly decorated, it definitely would give you that fuzzy Christmassy feelings. Of course when you come in, more sweets would be greeting you, from macarons, to prettily dainty cupcakes to little cups of chocolatey goodness. As Le Dolci is also a teaching school for decorating cakes, there was a lot of model cakes that adorn the walls. I just wish I have time to indulge in it as I do love playing and decorating in fondant. I stood behind their pastry chef for a solid 10 minutes just watching her pipe the roof of another gingerbread house and I was undoubtedly contented standing there.

Please do swing by Le Dolci. Squeeze it in your time, swing by and get that Christmas spirit with their display window of a village of Gingerbread houses.

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