Merry Christmas from Food Trippin’

Posted on December 24, 2014


As I sit here trying to collect my thoughts on how to write this post, I reflect on the year that was. I definitely had an interesting ride this 2014. With my two jobs and maintaining this blog, it was indeed a busy year.

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I am thankful of all the blessings and the people I care the most still stand by me through my roller coaster rides. I must say I am awashed with gratitude of the generosity of the friendships, old and new, that I enjoy each day. I would really be lucky for another year just like this.

As you do your own recollection of this year that went by too fast, I hope for you to smile when you remember all the good times and for those “bumps” in the road that impeded you moving forward, for you to take it as the best teacher to make you a stronger person.

Merry Christmas to you! I feel quite lucky you came by to read my musings. I promise I will keep this blog with new posts for another year at the very least! :)

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