Up at North York

Posted on January 18, 2015


It has been such a long time that I walked Yonge St and really look closely of what is around me. It is quite a pity that if you go to North York by subway, you don’t see what is happening on the length of the Yonge corridor. It is way much livelier than when I first moved to Yonge and Finch. With condos rising like there is no tomorrow, I would bet there would be more foodie stops for me to discover just a hop and a skip away from my home.

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This weekend I was able to find myself with spare hours to just walk the strip, taking the subway from Finch down to Sheppard and then walk my way up back on a very slow pace, stopping at display windows that I haven’t seen before and checking out menus of new restaurants that I have drove pass so many times. It was funny how I felt as if I am seeing North York for the first time. It has definitely changed. We now have a good mix of mainstays, new and trendy and big franchises.

Just like any other foodie, I do have my favourites. I am pretty happy that each and every go-to place I have is still there and there are interesting additions to this zip code. If you wonder what is up here from Yonge and Sheppard to Yonge and Steeles, here are the places I frequent:

1. Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu
In a place where there are so many traditional Korean restaurants, this is my favourite. Cheap, fast and consistently very delicious and comforting each time I go back, how can I walk in another bibimbap place?

2. Altona Kabob
For those of you who wish to try Persian cuisine, there are almost as many here as the Korean restaurants. I have a weakness for Koobideh and out of all the Iranian restaurants I have tried here, I find the best tasting (cheap too!) in Altona Kabob. I have been going there regularly as it sustains me when I have too many shoots to even consider cooking. It is also a comfort that they remember me and ring up my order before I even say it. And yes, I am there that often :)

3.Lee Town Restaurant – permanently closed
This is where I go when I have a craving of the fluffiest steam BBQ pork bun. Always fresh and filling for such a cheap price, I find I am never satisfied with just one. hehehehe :)

4. Ramen stops Kinton 4 and Ajisen
Now when you feel the wind tunnel effect of all the high-rises that line Yonge St, you can definitely seek refuge and have a bowl of ramen. It always gives me that warmth that I badly need when I get too cold. If you go for trendy, go for Kinton. This is with the same chain from downtown. But when you are with kids, I think it is best that you go to Ajisen. Comfort does not only comes from their warm ramen bowls, but also ample space and free tables that would assure you that you would have smiling and pacified children. I don’t think that the words “line-up and wait” would ever be in their vocabulary.

5. Han Ba Tang
If your taste goes for trendy and want to discover newer Korean street food, this is definitely the place. I find it really memorable when I came here on a media invite. Their fusion ideas are definitely something to go back for. I think I want that seafood soup and that spoon pizza one more time and soon!

6. Hot Pot on Yonge – permanently closed
When in the mood to binge on fresh and hot asian food, this is definitely the place you should try. With choices of different broths where you can cook your ingredients of choice, be prepared to take a power nap after. That is almost always what I need each time I walk out. LOL.

7. Paramount Fine Foods
One of the culprit that make my sugar rise were my frequent trips for baklava from Paramount. I just find those little squares of decadence too hard to resist when I get myself started. Nutty, buttery and fresh, never fails to keep me coming back for a second piece and then a third and a fourth. You get the general idea.

8. Kim’s a la Cart at Yonge and Finch
This is what I call motivation for a walk. I always reward myself with osam when I do a walk at my neighbourhood. For a few bucks I get instant gratification of the yummiest of squid balls and korean pork belly and the toastiest read bean fish cakes.

9. Galleria Supermarket
I love this supermarket as I can always rely on it to be open when I need it. From groceries to cheap fast food, definitely a must to check out. I somehow got hooked on eating fried rice wrapped in an omelette. Very filling and very generous in serving, most of it I bring home when my craving is pacified.

So these are my guilty pleasures up here at North York. Come up here and try them. See why I live here. :)

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