Curing cabin fever with a trek to Kensington Market

Posted on January 19, 2015


I seriously had cabin fever last weekend. When I was done with my Photoshopping duties, I literally was giddy, running out the door and I have one thing on my mind. Spend the rest of the day in Kensington Market and have a serious food trip. And that was how I spent literally the rest of the day.

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I made it at Kensington Market around lunch. Craving an omelette for breakfast but having no eggs at home, I had that craving pacified by eating at Bacon Nation and ordering their Omelette Florentine. It was quite surprising to me that the flavours of smoke shone through the omelette despite pairing it off with stringy cheese and spinach. I walked off the guilt of the indulgent lunch at Queen St. West as I went in and out of the retails shops.

When I got too cold (I did not come out appropriately bundled up for the day), I found warmth in Fresh Off’s the Boat Seafood Chowder. A thick comfort with bits of mussels, clams, shrimps and crabs, I appreciated that back end kick that stays on your palate after you savour each spoonful. It was just enough to tide me over and I went back to my retail therapy.

My favorite stops at Kengsinton Market is definitely Blue Banana and The Good Egg. I can literally spend an hour at each shop as they have unique items I can never find anywhere else. Let’s just say I picked up a few items while I am there.

Before I went off shopping too much, I nipped it in the bud by having a latte at Kensington’s by the corner of Baldwin and Kensington Ave. I was quite surprised that I scored an empty table by the window. That alone made my day and my fingers flew off my keyboard, blogging away as I drank my coffee. There is something about the fact that I am sitting by a window with such a lively view of pedestrians walking by that leaves me inspired. Words just come out without too much effort.

An hour later, I was ready for another snack. The beauty of Kensington Market was that I can find little snacks here and there without breaking the bank. This time I went to try Seven Lives. No matter which restaurant reviewing app I used, they tend to have a high rating and I just have to know why. Ordering the Gobernador and the Baja Fish taco, I thought I ordered just enough. What I found out later on that both were really filling. Of the two, I think I love the Baja Fish taco more as it was hot and crispy with each bite. Definitely my kind of taco.

Walking out of Seven Lives, I was still not prepared to go home, I hanged out by Dark Horse Espresso bar, taking in another latte. As I enjoyed its indulgent froth, I thought I might be bouncing off the walls before bed but then another opportunity for a food trip might be in another few weeks, I decided to max it out. So coffee after 5pm it was. No regrets from this foodie.

I did have such a whirlwind of food trips in just one day. It’s funny how cabin fever works as a good justification. :)
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