Paramount Fine Foods

Posted on January 26, 2015


Last Friday was a day that I had a date with my dentist. The chore suddenly got interesting when I noticed that the prominent restaurant at the east side of the building changed once again. Over the years I have visited my dentist, it has changed into several businesses. But I think this time around, this new resident have a better chance of staying for a long time. This time, the restaurant is Paramount Fine Foods.

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I always have a weakness for the baklava from Paramount Fine Foods and I have my favourite branch at North York where I frequent.  It is quite funny that even if I have known of them for such a long time, I never really gone in and tried their food other than the baklava. So last Friday, I figured I could finally try their food and it was so easy enough to choose what I wanted. Choosing Kafta with a side of pickled radish, hummus and rice,  I licked my lips in anticipation.  Just the thought got my tummy churning.

As I waited for my food, I noticed something interesting that the other diners are eating. Almost each table have a basket of puffy bread that seems to be coming from a rustic oven from the kitchen. It was all visible from where I was sitting that I could not help myself and I went and asked what was the bread called. I figured that the next time I come back, I’ll ask for it instead of the rice. The funny thing was that the person behind the counter not only answered my question cordially and in a lot of detail, he also gave me two of the warm flat bread to sample. Such simple pleasures and acts of kindness that can really bring a ear-to-ear smile to this foodie. It was simple bread but I feel like I have been given a full entree´.

And yes the kafta was very filling and delicious even if it got trumped with the memory of the warm and comforting bread. :)

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