Hanks – Permanently closed

Posted on March 5, 2015


One of the most relaxing that I do on a weekend is meet friends for brunch.  The thought of decadent luscious feel of cheerful eggs in my mouth or  a beautiful pile of pancakes with a generous dollop of maple syrup always starts my day right. It would definitely pull me out from my bed as it is a treat I never refuse.  A few weeks ago, I gave up extra snoozing hours to meet up with Natalia at St. Lawrence Market to try Hanks.

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I always loved hanging out at St. Lawrence Market.  It is my secret wish to be living in this neighbourhood as I see it as a foodie haven – with a bustling market to find anything and everything, I find the place invigorates and inspires me.  Lately, they have added new restaurants in the area and I am yet to visit each one.  Hanks is just a skip and a hop away from St. Lawrence Market.  I was supposed to meet another former Ryerson classmate, David, together with Natalia, but we got criss-crossed with out schedules.

Walking in Hanks, I actually got confused for a minute as it shared its entryway with another restaurant.  It looks deceptively small from the outside but the restaurant runs deep, with rows of table on each side.  I appreciate that they kept the old charm most buildings in the neighbourhood have.  It gives it the cozy and warmth that I would pick any day of the week over anything sleek or modern.

Before I got there I already have checked their menu and an item caught my eye.  I have never tried Dutch pancakes before and I wondered why people seem to be raving about it.  So I abandoned my usual Egg Benny brunch favourite and asked for the Dutch pancake, not knowing what I would get.  Natalia in turn asked for the breakfast poutine.

If you want to try the Dutch pancake, be ready to wait as they already note it in their menu that they need 15 minutes to prepare it.  The wait doesn’t really matter to me as there was a lot for me and Natalia to talk about.  We haven’t seen each other for a while and it was nice to indulge in geeky photography talk once again.

Once the food arrived, the more photogenic plate was Natalia’s for sure. The breakfast poutine was a definite wakeup call as a plump poached egg sat prettily over a pile of fresh french fries with slivers of bacon, cheddar cheese, tomatoes and  onions.  My ordered menu item appeared to be a thicker pancake than the conventional buttermilk pancake.  I found out what made a Dutch pancake extra special after my first bite.  The texture is short of having a quick crunch that is  quickly followed by a bounce of soft pancake on the inside.  It was such delightful textures of warmth and yumminess that I totally get why people are singing it praises.  This goes to say, the Dutch pancake disappeared rather quickly, sitting contentedly in my tummy.

If you find yourself milling through St. Lawrence Market this coming weekend, consider stopping at Hanks.  There is nothing like the comfort of connecting once again with a good friend over a very good meal.

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