Lunches at Brampton

Posted on February 16, 2015


There are days that I have this impulse to just abandon my packed lunch and treat myself to something warm and filling for lunch. I am starting to find the foodie gems amidst the phletora of warehouses and manufacturers at Brampton. Some are my discoveries and some are recommendations from colleagues at work. Aside from the past discoveries Kwality Sweets, Mosaic Mediterranean Grill and That Italian Place, I add three more to my list of lunch places at Brampton.

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1. Mackay Pizza and Subs
I learned of this place from my colleague Michael where he says the same business have been feeding him pizza in his teens. Now I figure if they lasted that long, they must be doing something right. I finally got a chance to try it, ordering a big Hawaiian slice. The pizza was different though, instead of ham they have big pepperoni slices underneath all the pineapple chunks. I actually like their version as it gives that extra zing. The crust is thin and crispy just the way I like it. I would definitely have another slice soon.

2. Guildford Fish and Chips
Definitely a guilty pleasure, I come here often as I love that they serve their food with real ceramic plate and cutlery when I eat in. In the business of fast food, eating on disposable styrofoam containers is the norm that to have food served in real plates is definitely appreciated. I already have pleasure just with the service. And if you ask me about the food, it definitely something that you would go back again and again. The fish is fresh and the chips are crispy on the outside and soft, steamy hot on the inside. What else would you make that plate better?

3. Briskit Sandwiches
I have to get here twice before I was able to try their sandwiches. The first time I came, they were swamped with the lunch crowd, the wait was my whole lunch break. The second time, we wisened up and called ahead with our orders. The sandwiches are massive and filling. This one cures cheesy, meaty cravings.

I am accumulating places to find a satisfying lunch close to work.  I am inclined to make my list longer.  If you have more suggestions, send me a holler!

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